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Spotlight on Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Ditch all those exfoliators which literally feel like you’re using sandpaper to strip your skin and use this instead.

Daily Microfoliant is an incredibly gentle exfoliator (microexfoliator to be exact) made from a ‘unique rice-based enzyme powder’ which gently exfoliates to reveal a smoother, brighter skin.

I’ve heard so much about this super effective product, I honestly don’t know why I’ve not got round to trying it before. Once a day, having cleansed your skin, mix a little of this soft, finely-milled powder with a drop or two of water; it’s not harsh or gritty like other exfoliators and would be perfect for more delicate skins. Massage onto your face for a minute, clearly avoiding the eye area; and then rinse off with a damp muslin cloth.

I have been using it once a day, religiously for the past four weeks, and honestly, my skin is looking amazing; even though I say it myself.

My skin is clear, radiant and blemish free and my pores appear smaller and less noticeable; all debris and ‘ grot’ feels like it has been completely removed.

My skin did on occasion feel a little taut after use, but after I had applied my usual serum and moisturiser, it felt soothed and comfortable.

This is a fabulous product which I will be buying time and time again. As it keeps skin so clean, I now find I need to use less of the other products I normally use, plus they are more effective. It’s a win win really!

£38.50 for 75g; available from