Cracked blushers, clumpy mascara, gloopy glosses? Maybe it’s time to make-over your make-up bag in time for the spring season. Follow Clinique’s guide to ensure you have the most organised and on-trend makeup bag..,

Step 1: Clean out your bagBlushing Blush Powder Blush - Innocent Peach

Start by throwing things away. Any make-up product that has a funny odour, altered colour, dried out, expired, cracked, goes in the rubbish.

Test all foundations and concealers. Keep the ones that match your skin tone today. Don’t save foundations that you think you will wear in summer or winter months, because by then you may be slightly more tanned or lighter.

When that time comes, you can invest in a seasonal foundation and concealer. Get rid of any foundation that is separating or concealer that doesn’t blend well. Keep black, charcoal and brown eye liners and eye pencils. All eye colours look good with these shades.

Throw out old or clumpy mascaras. Clear out any blush that is cracked. Invest in a new one, if you see the bottom of the pot. Throw out any glosses with frayed brushes or old applicators. Keep only a handful of lipsticks in neutral every day shades and either a deeper or a brighter one for evening. Give away all products you have never used, opened or donʼt know how to use.

Step 2: Stock your ‘on the move’ bag with make-up must-havesEven Better Makeup

Apply a liquid foundation in the morning at home, but if you want to carry a foundation with you, pick a compact foundation with a sponge and mirror.

Keep a pressed powder in your make-up bag. It is great for touch-ups, because it doesn’t spill, it comes with a puff and is easy to carry all day long. Choose blushes in neutral shades, that come with their own brushes.

They are easy to throw in your bag, so you don’t have to carry a separate blush brush. Cream and stick blushes are also good, since they donʼt crack or spill and you can use your fingers to apply them.

Invest in two tubes of your favourite lipstick shades: keep one at home and one in your bag. The cost is minimal and the pay off is huge. Choose a long wearing mascara in black or brown that stays on all day and doesn’t smudge. Select an eye shadow quad palette. Itʼs perfect to carry with you and you can apply neutral shades during the day and darker ones during the evening.

Step 3: Vanity Tool Box

If you want to achieve high performance, accuracy and expert control when applying make-up, you need to have the right tools. Clinique recommends the ‘must have’ brushes for your kit. Clinique Makeup Brushes are sleek, professional and the perfect tool to use when applying your make-up. The brushes go above and beyond the typical professional brush design with its Anti-Microbial Technology. This technology protects the brushes from mold, fungus and bacteria, which tend to accumulate on brushes especially if stored in the bathroom where moisture and humidity are constant.

Powder Brush: £20.50Powder Foundation BrushEye Shader Brush - HIGH RESBronzer Brush

Blush Brush: £16

Eye Shader Brush: £13

Eye Contour Brush: £11

Eye Definer Brush: £11.50

Eye Shadow Brush: £11

Lip Brush: RRP £11.50

Foundation Brush: £22.50

Make-up Brush Cleanser: £12 Makeup Brush Cleanser

A convenient liquid spray with a pump was designed to quickly clean and disinfect the brushes. To use, spray directly to the brush, run under water and massage brush thoroughly to remove all traces of makeup. Towel or tissue dry, then air dry thoroughly before reusing. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

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