We have an au pair. A change last year meant it was time to bring in some help to the mehousehold – and I now realise something that the rich and famous have been keeping secret; life is so much easier with another woman in the house.

Anna, from a little village close to Hamburg, Germany, arrived in our home at the beginning of January – and life has never been the same. The children see her as a new big sister and for me she is a Godsend. Imagine having someone clear up after you and the cubs EVERY DAY, cook, on occasion, delicious food from another country, play lego and Peppa Pig with little ones when you have the laptop glued to your knee or the phone attached to your ear – and for those ice-cold breakfast meetings; she’s here.

She’s given me time to work – and time back with my children. It’s no longer a roller-coaster hamster wheel of school runs, nursery runs, six in the morning cooking, juggling business meetings and school shows.

Yes, with four children, it’s always going to be busy – but having an au pair is those extra pair of hands that every woman dreams of – giving you time to be the audience for poetry recitals, school show lines, reading, made-up songs, bed-time stories and time to talk and listen to your kids. Time to breathe and exhale without making a mental list of the million things you have to do…

Time. Precious. Always.

When we went swimming the young German; who is slim, about 5.11; long blonde naturally curly hair, stepped into our local pool all bikini and concave tummy; distracting many male swimmers who momentarily left little splattering children flailing in the water behind them. “Why am I the only girl in a bikini?” Anna, all Ursula Andres-esque asked completely unaware of all the attention… Let’s face it, there’s a Joakim from Balans Pilates Studio teaching a beginners class in Perthreason we’re a world of one-piece suits. And what about your arms when you go swimming – we all hate ours (unless you are of course very fit or very young). With this in mind; we have pilates instructor Joakim Valsinger joining our team to get you in shape.

And we’ve got our own video channel now – yummymummybeautyutube – and will be posting videos on how to put on make-up; how to create different hairstyles and looking after your skin. we’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

We are also moving into the world of directories and advertising this month too. So if you’re a local business, then think about joining us. We will have a business directory and a spa directory. Contact us at info@yummymummybeauty.com for more information. More than 3000 page views a day…

Plus we are selling the YMB recommended hero product – Aloe Eternal skincare –  on the site for the first time. The cream is especially good for 30 and 40 somethings; but apparently it’s a hit for men and dry hands… It’s one of the best creams I have ever used. I’ve tried so many over two decades; trust me that when I say this one will change your life. And of course we have all our amazing columnists writing and testing – lots of Valentine’s ideas too.

Have a romantic month,

Elaine x

Special thanks to Louise this month for jumping in so quickly and getting to grips so well with the upgraded re-design – there has been a lot going on behind the scenes here at yummymummybeauty and Louise and I have been updating all the tech stuff with the help of our IT guru Stephen.