all know that there are many things we take from our mothers. Hair. Hands. Teeth. Smile. And personality of course.

Whether we love our mums or not, we know that we have many of their traits.

A survey conducted by Nelsons has shown that while over a third of us have inherited our skin types from our mothers, more than 1 in 5 of us wish that we had inherited our mother’s figures – something to have our gorgeous mums jumping for joy.

While you may look like your mum in terms of physical attributes such as skin, height, hair and eyes, for those of us that don’t look like them, there are also a number of emotional traits that may have been passed down that we might rather they’d kept to themselves.

More than half of those surveyed feel that they are nervous and worry like their mums and more than 1 in 10 women feel they have a shy nature like their mums. The survey also revealed that 15% of us wish that we had learned confidence from our mums.

So why not give yourself a helping hand with Bach™ Original Flower Remedies to help to overcome worries or nerves to approach life and challenges with confidence? From the makers of Rescue Remedy®, Bach Original Flower Remedies are a system of 38 remedies which can help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves and lead emotionally healthy lives.

white chestnutmimuluslarch• If your Mum is lacking in self-belief and this is something that she has passed on to you, the Bach Original Flower Remedy Larch* can help to restore self-confidence.

• For those that are shy and daunted by certain situations then the Bach Original Flower Remedy Mimulus* can help to overcome these feelings.

• To help provide peace of mind and a clear head try Bach Original Flower Remedy White Chestnut*. This remedy can help those who experience feelings of worry to have trust in a positive outcome.

Calendula 1As well as providing confidence from the inside, ensure that your Mum is confident on the outside too with Nelsons Calendula Cream. Made from 100 per cent natural calendula, Nelsons Calendula Cream helps gently soothe hands of the effects that harsh chemicals, cleaning products and extreme weather can have on delicate skin. Calendula, part of the marigold family, is famous for its skin conditioning properties and is gentle enough to be used every day. It will have hands looking revitalised in no time – perfect for those hardworking mums!


*Always read the label