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Eternal Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser 1We stumbled across this cream and found it was more than just a moisturiser. In fact, it’s a cream for everywhere but it works wonders on your skin and gives your face a healthy glow as well as superb hydration.

It’s one to watch as it’s going to start flying off the shelves. It’s gentle and natural as well – a dream for mums. We were so impressed with this product that we have decided to sell Eternal Skincare to our readers for a special discounted price of £18.

I am fast running out of it now – I have a few scrapings left, which never happens to me, plus I have friends buying it up and relatives asking for more of that cream. I have tried thousands of creams in my career as a beauty journalist and so I know a good one when it comes along and hits me in the face.

I wouldn’t be without it and while I do use other creams – all in the name of research – I still go back to this one for that glow and soft-face feeling. We hope  you like this special yummymummybeauty discount – there’s more to come…


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