Struggle to look presentable for those early breakfast meetings? Worry no more – we have some brilliant quick beauty fixes which will have you looking more human than you feel. (And all trace of those sleepless nights will be between you and the bathroom mirror.) Move over ‘dragged through the hedge’ mum, here comes ‘fresh as a daisy’ mamma!


By Clare Trodden

Clare, a national newspaper and magazine journalist for more than 25 years, and the former Editor of Spectrum has been finding different ways to make you look and feel great for those early mornings as we all get ready to crank up the pace a bit as school starts. Here’s what she found.


Shiseido Eyelash Curlers, £18

shiseidoThere are some harsh facts of life. One of them is that if you have naturally long, dark, luscious eyelashes, nobody really likes you. There you are, now you know.

So, under no circumstances add to your sins by using eyelash curlers, you would just be adding insult to injury.

For the rest of us, curl away – these are amazing. They may look like implements of torture, and while you are getting used to them you need to be careful not to get too close to the eyelid.

However, with a little bit of practice, these curlers will become a make-up bag essential. Even without mascara, a quick curl of the lashes will subtly enhance your eyes; with mascara you get a much more dramatic effect. House of Fraser


Good Things, Five minute Facial Mask, £5.99Presentation2

You may have a dress or a T-shirt that you love simply because the label says it’s a good size or two smaller than you actually are – yet it fits. So it is with some products. This delicious avocado and goji berry mask has no animal ingredients, parabens or mineral oils.

It’s lovely to use, smells great and gives your skin a brightening pick-me-up after only five minutes. But the added extra is that it says it’s designed to make the most of young skin. It’s kind to older skins too and doesn’t throw the whole ‘mature skin’ tag back in our faces every time we use it.



Clinique, Chubby Stick, £16

Chubby Stick. jpegSome lipsticks simply dry out lips that are already a little chapped or cracked. So, combining colour with lip balm is a great idea.

There are plenty of great colours in this moisturising lip balm range – mega melon, pudgy peony and voluptuous violet among them – so there should be a shade to suit everyone. The applicator is like a lovely soft crayon, which you can roll up as it wears down with use. Chubby little fingers will love it too – so keep it out of reach. 08700342566 for stockists.


Estee Lauder, See Thru Blush, £48

It seemed we all went just a bit crazy for the styles of the sixties when the high-powered, hard-selling Mad Men stormed onto our screens. EsteePresentation1 Lauder is paying its own homage to the times with three limited edition classics – lipstick, blusher and nail lacquer.

The products have all the quality you’d expect from such a well-established brand and the fabulous packaging (Estee Lauder channelling its own sixties’ heritage with an original, vibrant paisley design) means that the compact in particular is one you’ll want to hang on to long after the blush is gone. And you get two free samples and free delivery if you buy online.