UnaShe’s the facialist to the A-listers and now Una Brennan has given her tips to all you yummymummybeauty readers… check out what she has to say.

What is a facialist/facial?

“A good facial has many wonderful benefits for your skin, keeping it vibrant and alive. The benefits of a great facial should last for weeks, creating a knock-on effect to the new skin cells coming up from below.”

“A facial is not a facial unless the skin has been deep cleaned – if pores are not unclogged the skin will look unhealthy and will also effect the efficiency of the skins natural functions.

“At a very basic level, healthy, vibrant skin needs water in the cells and to be able to breathe – dull sluggish skin is stagnant, but healthy skin is pumping, clear and looks alive, with clean pores.”

“Facial analysis within a facial will determine whether you are using the right products for your skin at home and what you can do differently. A great facial makes it much easier for you to maintain good skin at home.”

What are your tips?

“Use a facial oil, oils are amazing for thoroughly cleaning the face when the day is done. Oil dissolves oil and so used as part of a cleansing routine at night time will remove all traces of make-up, grime and excess sebum without stripping or irritating the skin.

“Apply Super Facialist Neroli Lift and Hydrate Facial Oil at the end of the day, massage into skin using your fingertips and applying firm pressure. It’s a great way to include a little massage into your daily routine to get skin pumping from within. Skin feels super clean and not over loaded. Remove with a hot cloth or flannel and then wash again with Superfacialist Neroli Daily Brightening cleanser.”

“Also adding a few drops of a good facial oil to a clay mask is a great skin brightening treatment.”

How do we keep our faces looking young?

“Massage is excellent for restoring the natural contours of the face all too often hidden behind sluggish complexions and dark puffy eyes. The aim is to get the circulation pumping, oxygenating the tissues, expelling puffiness and waste from the tissues, eliminating tension and toning the muscles to plump skin – massage is wonderfully transforming for the complexion and a great way to start the facial by getting everything moving.”

“Aim for 3 minutes massaging your face during cleansing, put it this way – if you do not massage your skin you are allowing it to be dull and stagnant. Massage helps to oxygenate the tissues and release circulation shifting tension from the muscles.”