New Mum Organic Butter Bomb, £1.80


The New Mum fizzing bathing treats have been enriched with organic apricot kernel oil and organic cocoa butter to ensure they are extra moisturising for the skin. White in colour, these contain no artificial colours or additives, and are lovely for taking relaxing warm baths during pregnancy. We have ensured that the percentage of essential oils in each bomb is a little lower than usual, and the essential oils have been carefully selected as being safe to use during normal pregnancies.

What they say:
Aromatherapy is safe for the majority of women throughout their pregnancy highlighted by the fact that many women continue to use aromatherapy products without any negative effects before they even discover they are pregnant.  But for some women, pregnancy (particularly in the first trimester) needs careful support if they have had any trouble conceiving, a history of pre-term births or pregnancy related illness or have pre-existing health conditions. Natroma would therefore advise that higher risk ladies seek medical advice before using essential oil containing products. In the meantime they can still use our unscented products or vaporisation of the mildest essential oils may be a way for them to enjoy aromatherapy during their pregnancy.


Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Massage Oil, £7.99 for 150ml


Massage has lots of health benefits for your baby, it helps with sleep, wind, colic, and can improve your baby’s skin and digestion. Massaging your baby will help you bond, too. Check out our guide to baby massage for some easy massage techniques. You can use any cold-pressed organic oil such as sunflower, grape seed or olive oil. Or try one of these specially formulated and baby-safe brands…

Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Massage Oil is organic, fragrance-free and comes in a handy spray bottle.

Suitable from birth, £7.99 for 150ml, available from Tiddley Pom.