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Got A Cold?

Nelsons┬« Coldenza┬« teams up with nutritionist Emma Wight-Boycott to help cold sufferers relieve their symptoms… The winter season can seem like a…


Eye health is last

Oh dear – we are more interested in making our eyes look gorgeous than making sure they are healthy. Now girls ……


Sex Is Good For Your Brain

Now apparently it’s making headlines… see below. The national press is going mad for it. They are telling us that orgasms and…


Are We Unhappy

Has feminism made modern women unhappy? The gender equality gap has narrowed allowing women increased career opportunities and earning power but it…


Autumn Tips

Shortly after qualifying as a Beauty Therapist, Amanda Elias (founder of Bravura London skincare) – and mum of three – – opened her…


Losing weight? Read this

How many of us went on holiday and saw all the European skinnies in their bikinis and said to ourselves -‘Next year,…