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Losing weight? Read this

How many of us went on holiday and saw all the European skinnies in their bikinis and said to ourselves -‘Next year,…


Does He Measure Up?

Dads with small testicles are apparently more likely to be involved in child care because they have lower testosterone levels… So have…


Autumn Tips

Shortly after qualifying as a Beauty Therapist, Amanda Elias (founder of Bravura London skincare) – and mum of three – – opened her…


Embrace the menopause…?

By Elaine Hunter So it’s the next stage, isn’t it? We have our babies and then we raise them – you’re over…


Tone Your Bum

Pilates instructor and owner of Bälans Pilates Studio Joakim Valsinger gives top tips for your bums. “The buttocks make the connection between…


Worry Genes?

We all know that there are many things we take from our mothers. Hair. Hands. Teeth. Smile. And personality of course. Whether…