night out1Laura Davidson, national newspaper journalist, is mum to five-year old Hannah, and three-year-old Lucy.

Life is turbo-charged, but she’s determined to keep up her nana’s legacy of looking fabulous even when she’s feeling less than human.

Looking for a little help in the beauty department to feel less slummy mummy and more yummy mummy, here’s her latest discovery…

I’m an absolute sucker for those hair tutorials that keep popping up on social media. You know the ones – the Facebook vids that show how you can have a barnet like Beyoncé with a few simple twists and some nifty work with a Kirby.

I must have saved millions of them. Cos, you know, I often have occasions where I require hair like Beyoncé. There’s the school run, taking junior to swimming lessons. It’s all glamour, glamour, glamour round here.

But really, when I do get a rare night out, I always fancy doing something different with my hair … and never manage it. I’ve grown it a little longer lately and it’s now past shoulder length. The whole reason for persevering with length was to be able to experiment with it. Only trouble is, beyond blow drying and straightening, I’m kinda like a gorilla in boxing gloves.

Well, this week emergency hair services came to my aid when this little beauty popped through my letter box. And all I can say is – check me out! All my own work, too.

The Babyliss Curl Secret isn’t new and, I’ll admit, I was a little of afraid of it before trying it. The idea of something sucking up your hair was alarming. Would it spit it back out again without ending up in a tangled mess?

I needn’t have worried. This is the most fabulous and easiest curling tool I’ve ever used. And, believe me, I’ve wasted my hard-earned (or Boots points) on many. Tongs? I laugh in your face! Wands? Be gone. There’s finally going to be some glamour in my future and it’s all down to this Baby.

night out2Using the Curl Secret is easy-peasy. First, you choose your heat and timing settings. Time-wise, you can go for eight seconds (loose waves), 10 seconds (soft curls) and 12 seconds (defined curls – definitely my choice). There are also two temperatures – setting one for fine or coloured hair (moi) and setting two for normal to thick hair.

Once it’s fired up and ready to rock, you choose a section of hair, place it through the hair guidesday after (1) to keep you right and, once the mechanism is clamped shut, the hair is drawn into the curl chamber. (Note – gently drawn. Not speedily sooked as I’d feared). After four beeps sound, you simply release and a perfect curl falls out. It’s like magic. Like that first time you first realise Oxo Cubes were meant to be crumbled before you unwrap the silver paper. Or was that just me?

So here’s me before a night out recently after a sesh with the Curl Secret. The whole head took 25 mins, and top… Not bad, right? And here’s another pic of me on day two to show just how well the curls stay in. It’s the best hair gadget I’ve ever had.

On the plus side for me too, I have two little lovelies who adore princess hair for their school and nursery parties and this dude right here will handle that like a boss. Boom – and we’re done!

  • The Curl Secret is £120. See for stockists.