’re a nation of last-minute shoppers when it comes to Mother’s Day apparently,

Research carried out by One4all Gift Card reveals that over half of all Brits leave it late to plan their Mother’s Day treats.

As many as 54% of women and 58% of men admit to failing to plan ahead for Mother’s Day, saying that they regularly forget the date. Younger sons and daughters are the worst culprits with 72% of those aged between 18 and 24 forgetting to put Mother’s Day in their diaries.

As a result we can expect many Mums to be putting on a brave face this weekend, with 30% admitting that they are left disappointed with the thought and effort shown for them on Mother’s Day.

Men are also the biggest offenders at not making an effort to see their mums on Mother’s Day, with just 28% making a special visit compared to 43% of women. For men, it seems this weekend should be renamed Mother-in-Law’s Day.

However, it’s not all bad news with some mums receiving very fancy gifts indeed. The most extravagant gifts lavished on mums for Mother’s Day includes cars, cruises and diamond necklaces!

One solution for people not planning to be quite so generous this weekend, appears to be treating mum to a shopping trip for her to choose her own present.

Did you know?

• 35% of mothers rarely treat themselves

• 30% of mums out there still treat their grown-up kids, now full-grown adults, on a regular basis

• Mums are best friends to over 30% of us

• A quarter of us say our Mum is still the one person who can reduce us to feeling like a child with one look or one word!