mee150As a mum of a forty-something age, keeping my face looking fresh and unlined is a priority. It’s not all down to products, of course, good genes, a healthy-ish lifestyle and plenty of water do help.
But even if we were eating the right things, drinking lots of water and staying out of the sun, if we didn’t moisturise, then your skin would begin to complain.
I was sent this little gem of an oil to try. And I really love it. Now I know facial oil isn’t maybe as glam or sexy as using a cream… and if you love your products, you will know what I mean by this, but if you are 40 or over – give it a try.
It’s an instant thirst-quencher and you will realise just how dehydrated your skin is when you use it. If it just lies on the top, you have either put too much on or your skin isn’t needing it.
oilMine loves it. But it can’t be any oil – don’t go buying cheap ones that are recommended in the internet; that can cause blotching, spots and greasiness.
Stick to a recommended one from a beauty company or blog like us.
I loved Revive by Ermana; Lavender and Frankincense, £25;

Here’s how they work from Founder Claire…

How do oils work?
Face oils contain essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish the skin. Since the body can’t make these itself, we need to give it a helping hand by applying a face oil with these vital ingredients. This helps to protect the skin by building a barrier against outside influences such as harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Oils are also able to penetrate the skin deeper into the lower levels of the epidermis, therefore they are an excellent way of getting antioxidants and vitamins into the skin.
This helps speed up the skins own healing process and can soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
When should I apply face oils?
Face oils can be used underneath regular skincare and beauty products or on their own. Apply to skin after you have cleansed with water or splashed the face with water. The oil will hold the extra water and help the skin to re balance itself faster. You don’t need much face oil to be effective as the oils are more concentrated than regular moisturisers, 2/3 drops in the morning and 4/ 5 at night should give your skin the moisture that it needs.
Why use oil rather than moisturiser?
Most moisturisers are emulsions which means that they are a combination of water and oil. Water needs a preservative to prevent it from breaking down and growing bacteria. Many preservatives can do more harm than good. Moisturisers don’t make the skin moist or hydrate it, instead they provide a barrier on the skin unlike face oils which penetrate the skins layers and work faster to protect, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Oil based products also go a lot further than water based ones therefore you only need to use a small amount for the product.