gillian 3gillian 2gillian 1Highland Hustle founder Gillian Urquhart shows us mums how to tone the mid-drift.

And it can be done almost anywhere. There are three levels to this exercise. Start by standing upright and follow the images… and try for 10 each side.

“Really work hard to cross the knee right over the body, squeeze the core muscles in and try to keep your balance. Don’t worry as you get stronger you will wobble over less!  Moving slowly and in control will help you progress even faster.

“Once you are ready, extend the arms up in between each repetition. Finally, once you have mastered this try to avoid the leg touching the floor in between each repetition.

“To make it more difficult start with pic number 3; far right.

“Again, really try to engage the core to help keep balance. Try and work up to four sets of 10 repetitions on each leg.

Summer here we come!

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