Survey reveals that nine out of 10 Mums want children to get closer to nature but eight out of 10 admit it’s too easy to give children technology

Children would rather be outside than watching TV or playing computer games, according to a survey of Mums, released by Organix Goodies today. Despite the appeal of Angry Birds and TV programmes like the Octonauts, less than one in three (29%) Mums said their child prefers the computer or watching TV to the great outdoors.

The survey revealed that Mums are keen to get their children outside exploring. Nine out of ten (92%) Mums want their child to get close to nature and wildlife. Nearly all (97%) say being outside with their child is fun and that they love seeing their sense of wonder (97%). But while Mums value time outside, more than eight out of ten (84%) say it’s sometimes too easy to give children technology to play with.

The Organix Goodies survey asked over 700 Mums of babies and toddlers aged 12 months to 3 years about the importance of exploring when bringing up children. It showed that Mums know that helping their child explore the world around them is critical to their child’s development. Nearly all (99%) said that exploring helped improve their child’s curiosity, independence, creativity and imagination as well as their problem solving ability (96%).

Child development experts agree with the benefits of exploring. Dr Angharad Rudkin, chartered clinical psychologist MA (Oxon), CPsychol, AFBPSS says: “Exploring is the main way toddlers learn about themselves, others and the world around them.

“Exploring means developing independence, playing with different things in a different way, finding out what they can and can’t do and developing language to say what they want to do.”

But busy lives and lack of space and inspiration can stand in the way of encouraging budding explorers, with nine out of ten Mums saying that lack of time prevents them from helping their child explore.

Barriers to exploring cited by Mums include:

· lack of time (89%)

· lack of physical space and opportunity (72%)

· lack of confidence (61%)

· lack of creative ideas (58%)

Mums looking back at their own childhood feel that children today don’t have the same freedom as they did a generation ago.

· 90% of Mums believe children nowadays have less freedom because of awareness of health and safety issues

· 88% of Mums believe life was simpler when they were a child

· 82% of Mums believe they wouldn’t feel safe giving their child the same freedom they had when they were growing up

· 72% of Mums believe the world’s a more dangerous place now than when they were young

Recognising the pressures on Mums to find the time and space to encourage their children to explore, Organix Goodies has created the Explore with Goodies Campaign, to inspire parents to explore with their little ones. Organix Goodies will be on tour visiting 25 destinations across the UK with lots of fun stuff for toddlers to enjoy over the summer, as well as providing a useful resource hub on the Organix website with great activities and top tips for exploring.

Aileen Nicol, from Organix Goodies says: “We know how important exploring is for a child’s development and how crucial it is in helping them gain awareness and understanding of themselves and their surroundings. Mums are under pressure to juggle everything, so we want to help them by providing useful materials, information, activities that support their little ones’ development.

“Developing a sense of exploration is an important aspect of a toddler’s development and that impacts their inclination and desire to explore and try new foods. We aim to inspire mums and little ones to have the confidence to try and experiment with food – and at Organix we provide tasty and nutritious foods – free of junk, salt and added sugar – to support their parents in this journey.”

Explore with Goodies explorer packs, the explore tour and much more…

The Goodies explore campaign is designed to provide support to parents to help their little ones explore food and the world around them. There’s a hub on the Organix website bursting with activities for little ones, including a your own activity section with top tips and advice on how to grow your own herb garden.

The new Goodies explorers pack is full of fun and imaginative ideas for parents to help your little explorers learn about the food and the world around them. From imaginative games and storytelling, to trying new foods, making food together and getting closer to nature. Each pack contains a wall chart and stickers to record and reward their adventures, a special explorer badge, seeds to grow their own food and much more.

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