mee150I think all women over the age of 35 – yes really – should use an oil as part of their beauty regime. I use one a couple of times a week in the evening after I’ve used a scrub (sounds a bit harsh but it isn’t) on my skin.
It glows and feels super smooth and soft after this. Try it. I like to use it on my neck too – as the neck is the place that even the botoxed and filled faces can’t seem to hide.
So don’t neglect it.
MarulaFacialEssence_NewBottleSo you don’t have to choose between an oil and a cream – you can use both. And I have … Facial Essence with Rose & Marula, £32, and Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense, £27.50. Available from
These are organic little products and I love the fragrance and feel of them. They are really nice to use – and yes, they do feel like a little bit of luxury floating on your skin.
As i have said, I use the oil a couple of times a week – as part of my DIY ‘home facial’ – I take an hour out, when the kids are in bed and I’m not too tired. I soak in the bath and use a facial scrub, and then apply the oil, letting it infuse into my skin. Lovely.
The cream you can use day or night – depending on your skin type. I’m lucky and have pretty ‘easy to take care of skin’ – so I would try the oil in this range first and if it agrees, then order the cream.
I’m putting this in the top ten list of creams on the site – that’s how much I love it. It’s soft and fluffy and comes in a tub – some of us are tube girls, I like creams in a tub. Packaging is important because you have to feel that you are using something special.
My skin felt soft and supple and completely hydrated – and I used it liberally on my neck. It’s a beautiful product that will not work miracles on your skin, but will leave you glowy and younger-looking skin.