Rainbow%20lashes[1]These lashes are maybe a bit too much for the school gates, but you know why not go for it when at a festival or a party. And it’s easy to do…

OK, it looks difficult, but with a little bit of practice, it’s easy. Get a couple of coloured eyeshadows; blues and pinks and greens… paint the colours on to different sections of your lashes; then coat with clear mascara.

Get your BFF round and have a laugh.


“Spécial Beauté” 
Ginta Lapina by Johnny Kangasniemi for Glamour Paris April 2016. 
Styling: Nora Bordjah 
Hair: Hélene Bidard 
Makeup: Karin Westerlund @gintalapina @johnnykangasniemi @glamourparis @norabordjah @helenebidard @karinwesterlundmakeup #gintalapina #johnnykangasniemi #glamourparis #makeup #rainbow #beauty #rainbowlashes