The Big Scrub Mitt, £2 (oh yes, mama)

Oh we likey. Not just the fab price; but how amazing is this packaging? Straight out of the Pink Ladies ‘sleep-over’ bedroom where Stockard Channing is shimmying down a drainpipe and Olivia Newton John remains ‘hopelessly devoted to’ John Travolta. Love it, love it, love it. And the thing is it really works. Great for gently polishing your skin – if you use this for a week or so, you will notice a difference to the feel and look of your skin. Especially good for tops of arms and thighs. Plus it brings a touch of pink to your bathroom… From Tesco.



Scrub with Origins Never A Dull Moment, £24

New year, new regime? Get rid of all the dead skin cells and give your face a new lease of life with this amazing little product. We love Origins at and while £24 may seem a bit expensive for a polish – let’s face it, that’s a couple of days’ worth of shopping, well the bare essentials – but it will last and will make your skin glow. There are some things you can get away with paying less for. Body moisturisers for instance. Unless you have to be ‘red carpet’ ready, a cheaper body moisturiser is fine. Feet cream – same deal. Stretch mark cream/oil – don’t spend a fortune, just use regularly. But face polishes in our opinion should be of a good quality. Don’t spend £100; but just over twenty is about right. Once you try Origins, you will come to love it. It works wonders. (If you want to try a certain range of products, ask at a beauty counter of a large department store to sample that range. They will give you mini samples. They won’t say ‘no’ as you are a potential paying customer. Don’t EVER buy without trying first. Don’t let the assistants ‘hard sell’ you – stick to your guns and try a different range until you get one you love.)


Diego dalla palma eye pencil, £13

Well, I never… these are amazing little gems found at the beauty counters of … Tesco. Yes, you read right. You have got to check the vibrant colours in the diego dalla palma eye pencil range now at Tesco. These pencils are £13 – they seem longer than the average – and are soft on the skin. And they last all day… brilliant.