Award-winning chocolatier is offering festive chocolates flavoured with real pine needles! 

Keen to offer consumers something a bit different this year among the myriad of festive chocolates available, is award-winning chocolatier and pastry chef, Sebastian Kobelt who operates out of a workshop in Linlithgow.

His 2022 Festive Selection stirs evocative festive memories with Baileys by the fire, the smell of pine needles, freshly cracked nuts, and, of course, Christmas pudding! 

Having spent many years working in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, Sebastian has added a twist to traditional festive flavour combinations, whilst also referencing his German heritage. 

The Dominostein is Sebastian’s version of the traditional German confection served at Christmas time, which sees Gingerbread layered with marzipan and a red berry jelly, then covered with dark chocolate. 

Marzipan, another German festive favourite, is paired with sea buckthorn to create a delicious chocolate. And in a homage to the smell of a freshly cut Christmas Tree, the Douglas Fir chocolate is made by infusing real pine needles into fresh cream which is then mixed with single origin milk chocolate to create a rich ganache. The chocolate is encased in a dark chocolate shell. 

Every chocolate in this collection is handmade from scratch with real love and attention to detail,” said Sebastian. “I think the Douglas Fir chocolates particularly are really different and I’d love to receive feedback from customers in the coming months.”

Other chocolates in the collection include Cranberry & Vanilla, Orange & Coriander Seed, Butterscotch, and Hazelnut & Miso. 

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