PRO-COLLAGEN-MARINE-CREAM_MASTER_V1_RGB_WEBIt’s the mummy and daddy of skincare – Elemis. Have you tried it? Of course you have. And if you haven’t… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!

I know, I know it’s expensive and here at yummymummybeauty we like to make sure we give you lots of choice. But sometimes you just have to admit that a Range Rover is better than a Skoda… so this little beauty is the Range Rover of moisturisers.

It’s just smooths out the wrinkles, re-hydrates the dry bits of your skin, gives you a lovely glow and makes you look younger.

Seriously it is THE MOTHER THERESA OF CREAMS… I know it’s £80, but think birthday, Mother’s Day, bottle of wine fund… and splash out. You won’t regret it.


Here’s what Elemis founder Noella Gabriel says..

Imagine the bloom of youth regained. Imagine an anti-ageing  cream so advanced and so natural, it mimics the skin’s own function, transforming your complexion in just two weeks. Introducing revolutionary Pro-Collagen Marine Cream from leading British Spa Brand ELEMIS, clinically proven to increase hydration by up to 177% in 1 hour and by 248% in 12 hours*.

face linesChallenging traditional anti-ageing skincare by combining ground-breaking natural marine ingredients, with the very latest in scientific research, producing a dynamic anti-ageing cream which dramatically increases skin elasticity, suppleness, firmness and hydration levels.

On application, this high-tech cream penetrates the skin’s layers at a deeper level, moisturising the cells and increasing hydration by 177%.
The cream also works on smoothing the skin’s surface, providing an accelerated lifting effect through increased collagen support. After 15 days the skin takes on a smoother, plumper more youthful appearance.

Collagen Marine Cream is the first high-performance, marine based anti-ageing cream with a light gel-cream texture. Whereas many traditional heavy creams feel greasy after application because they sit on the surface of the skin, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream penetrates to the deeper levels of the epidermis and has no greasy oily after feel. Its light gel texture allows for quicker and better absorption and an immediate feeling of well-being. It is ideal for all skin types concerned with ageing and in particular for premature ageing of the skin.