“When I was pregnant with Romeo, I walked around Disneyland in Christian Louboutin heels, literally at nine months’ pregnant!” says mum-of-four Victoria Beckham.

Posh Spice as she will always be known has opvic-2ened up about her biggest fashion regrets – particularly citing a mistake that she made when she was pregnant with her second son, Romeo, as her most painful fashion moment ever.

“At some point I thought it was OK to wear a PVC cat suit,” she tells The Edit.

“I have made so many fashion mistakes but I actually don’t look at them as mistakes,” she explains. “I celebrate those things, I laugh occasionally but I’m not ashamed of any of that.”

In the interview, available to read on Net-a-Porter now, Victoria also confesses to an unusual beauty ritual – eating omega-3-rich salmon every single day to keep her skin supple.

“I see a dermatologist in LA, called Dr. Harold Lancer, who is incredible. I’ve known him for years–he sorted my skin out,” she said, “I used to have really problematic skin and he said to me, ‘You have to eat salmon every single day.’ I said, ‘Really, every day?’ And he said, ‘Yes; breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat it every single day.'”