hooverThe next time, you feel soooo tired you could sleep while still walking to the school gate and end up going to bed just after the kids are down – remember you are probably the most hard working person you know.

We driving thousands of miles to taking the kids to school, we butter over 150 loaves of bread and vacuum enormous areas, the amount of work involved in being a mum is quite staggering, according to new research from Clintons out this week.

Over 18 years of parenting, a typical mum washes around 6,500 pairs of socks, cooks over 10,000 meals, makes 5,290 beds, and tidies 2,500 bedrooms per child. In terms of area, mums vacuum a bedroom the size of a professional football pitch for each child.

And if we were to get paid for our work – and this is just for mums; all carers- here at yummymummybeauty HQ have worked out, we would get around £120,000 a year – on average.


With women doing an average of 11.5 hours of housework a week[1], over the course of 18 years, the average mum does a total of more than 10,750 hours of housework, equivalent to over 1,400 full working days.

Over the course of their child’s primary school education, mums use up around 152 loaves of bread to produce over 1,520 packed lunches. They will also make around 3,040 school runs, totaling more than 5,400 miles[2] – equivalent to driving from London to Los Angeles.

Tim Fairs, director at Clintons, said: “It’s so easy to take mums for granted. But all the little jobs and chores they do for their kids in the course of a normal day soon add up over weeks, months and years.  When you add together everything that mums do every day for their kids, you soon realise how much we owe them.”