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The constant bombardment of flawless models and celebrity icons often sparks discussion surrounding the unrealistic ideals that women strive to replicate in order to create beauty perfection. But today, leading UK beauty and wellbeing brand Arbonne reveal that kindness, a great smile and having a sense of humour is what makes a woman truly beautiful.

Researchers asked a panel of 1,000 women to define beauty in any way shape or form and found confidence, intelligence and good manners as top characteristics. Having bright eyes, an unselfish attitude and a funny laugh was also crucial, as was smelling good and being good with children.

Researchers revealed that she would be fun, cheerful and affectionate – and confidence was deemed crucial among the women voting, along with the need to be unpretentious. In fact, the most attractive characteristic was a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously, isn’t picky with food and is always trying to improve as a person.



Great smile

Sense of humour

Nice manners




Bright eyes


Flawless skin

Smiles a lot

Good with children

Nice hairstyle

Smells good


Soft skin

Long eyelashes

Manicured nails

Funny laugh

Pedicured feet

Kelly Lloyd-Sanderson, from Arbonne said: ”It’s refreshing to see that so much of what women believe to be beautiful is linked to positive aspects of character, rather than too heavy a focus on appearance.

“The results show a healthy blend between being a strong, happy and compassionate woman and an appreciation for the physical side of beauty. The modern day profile of a beautiful woman is very relatable and far from what some see as a media-enhanced unreachable version of beauty.”

The results also showed that the modern day beautiful woman would strive to find a balance in work and family life and a desire to raise a family was considered to be one of her most important goals.

In addition, she would be fun, cheerful and affectionate – and confidence was also deemed crucial. Her favourite drink is a white wine spritzer and her hobbies consist of reading and travelling, making her beauty seem accessible rather than unattainable.

Kelly added: “The profile of beauty shown here is almost modest and shows that what is more important is a focus on self-development and happiness with yourself, rather than concentrating on an airbrushed idea of what beauty is.

“At Arbonne we’re passionate about both wellbeing and the more traditional aspects of beauty and the Arbonne vision very much focuses on inner and outer wellbeing which is why it’s so refreshing to see that UK women on this panel share our view.”

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