Has feminism made modern women unhappy? The gender equality gap has narrowed allowing women increased career opportunities and earhair2222ning power but it seems that this may have left women feeling exhausted and unhappy juggling a career and a family.

A recent survey, ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’*, reports that women of all ages and income are less happy than their female counterparts 40 years ago and are less happy than today’s men. Women today wish that they could live more like their mothers and grandmothers, not having to work as much and having more time to spend with their children.

Is this unhappiness due to the increasing pressure for women today to have it all – the high-powered job, 2.4 children, the big house, the busy social life and the perfect partner? With today’s social and political equality for women, it seems only fair that this equality should extend to the home.

However it seems women still perform a traditional gender role in the home. Research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows that eight out of 10 married women do more household chores than their husband, while just one in 10 married men do an equal amount of cleaning and washing as their wives.

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