So we were without broadband for two days – and you’d have thought that there had been a nuclear explosion and we were living in the world of mad max.

We were lost. No internet. No emails. No google. No webmag. No way of booking dinner out. No way of checking what part of Africa lions live. No way of checking which film we were going to see at the cinema. No Facebook. No iPad. No Clash of Clans for the boys.

So real play ensued. Hide and Seek, times tables, soldiers versus jungle animals and there was a peace. We chatted more. We made cups of tea without constantly checking for messages. And we went for a walk outside – even though it was a blustery day.

So we had to do other things – and found time wasn’t sucked away in that fast vortex that is actually our daily lives.

Then the engineers came to fix it and the bubble of doing non-online things was burst; and we headed back down the cyber highway…

So here we are – a new mag – and we hope you like it.


We have a real coup this month with an exclusive interview with Real Housewives of Vancouver sweetheart Mary Zilba…

She read all about us on Twitter and when we asked if we could have a chat, she said yes.

Not only is she a drop-dead gorgeous yummy mummy, but she is a fantastic singer and is now dating a billionaire… we love her and know you will too.
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And now we are on the run up to Christmas – get your men logging on so they can get some real tips for treats on the big day. It really does benefit everyone when they get it right. So make sure they know what you want by pointing them in our direction…

I think Tara’s masks are up there for most of us – absolutely love the sound of the La Prairie one… check out her page.

And I’ve been trying the latest in top technology when it comes to mascaras.

If you don’t fancy falsies, but want luscious lashes, check out the latest mascaras: Dreamweave’s Lash Construct, £14, is a brand new treatment mascara, which strengthens lash roots and stems to give dramatically lengthened lashes in just 15 days. Then there’s Dreamweave’s Lash Extension, £14, which is the reformulated original ‘lash extensions in a tube’ – a 100 per cent silicone-based, buildable mascara, which helps ladies achieve a more vampy look. From

And the latest in nail varnish is nail gels. Well I love these. You have sooooo got to try them.

You paint your nails as normal but what forms is something more akin to a shellac manicure (tough and hard-wearing) and looks fantastic. Bad Apple nail varnishes are non-drip, no chip, high gloss and No UV lights or bonds. All nail varnishes do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.
PRICE: £6.95 (14ml) each or £19.99 for set of 3