Complete this quiz and find out which fictional character you’re most like.
My gender is… Female.
 Male.1. My greatest strength is… Taking risks and not being afraid to fight.
 Being intimidating and powerful.
 My creativity.
 My rational thinking.
 Always seeing the best in people.
 Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.2. On the weekend I can be found… Reading a good book.
 Planning revenge.
 Going on a date with someone I love.
 Paintballing, bungy jumping- something exciting!
 Hanging out with friends.
 Spray painting subversive graffiti on railway tracks.3My ideal job would be… A detective or an FBI investigator.
 A skydiving instructor or some type of adventure leader.
 The ultimate dictator of the world.
 Helping those who are deprived.
 Being in the military or as a spy.
 What job? I do what I want!4. In high school… I made people laugh.
 I was the quiet one in the corner.
 School? I think I missed that one.
 I was a bully and liked to make people cry.
 Spent class time placing hearts around my crush’s name.
 I helped others with their homework.

5. What is the most important characteristic to have?

 Physical strength and superiority

6. My biggest flaw is that I am…

 Too introverted.
 Easily taken advantage of.
 Often a target because I am so outspoken.
 More interested in the present than the future- I don’t plan ahead.
 Too hot tempered.
 None of the above. If I answered I’d have to kill you.

7. If I had to participate in a match with an enemy to defend my honour, I would…

Suggest a swash-buckling sword duel to the death, but when I win I wouldn’t kill him/her. It’s a gentleman’s game.
I would distract them with jokes until they got bored.
Beat that person at chess or another type of intellectual game.
Suggest we meet to discuss the terms, but plan an underhanded surprise.
Suggest hand-to-hand combat to see who is the strongest.
Not participate in such a ruthless game.

8. My favorite animal is…


9. If I don’t get my way, I…

 Yell and pressure people until I get what you want.
Forget about it. Life is about giving, not always receiving.
 Plan revenge on those who denied me my rights.
Come to a reasonable explanation as to why and move on.
 Dream about what it would be like to have it my way.
Move on. There are a lot more important things to worry about.

10. My biggest fear is…

To be viewed as helpless.
To not be allowed to express myself.
To be alone for the rest of my life.
To be forgotten.
To never be recognized for my evil genius.
To be thought of as a liar and a cheat.