• Tagaloa organic virgin coconut oil is an essential food product for anyone serious about nutrition
    • Tagaloa coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils on the market
    • Can be used for all forms of cooking, as a general spread, a flavouring and dressing additive
    • Suitable for vegans, cholesterol free, sugar free and supplies less calories than all other fats
    • Tagaloa has a health advantage over olive oil, supporting the immune system and killing bacteria

There are a whole host of cooking oils on the market however, none have the nutritional benefits of Tagaloa organic virgin coconut oil, recently launched in the UK by professional rugby player James Haskell, under his Bodyfire nutrition range.

Tagaloa can be used in a variety of ways; as a sports supplement, a substitute for butter, a great source of energy when added to coffees, protein shakes and smoothies, a replacement for all cooking oils and even on the body as a moisturiser.

Coconut oil has a combination of fatty acids which help to increase energy metabolism, the fats provide medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are a great form of accessible energy. Tagaloa has a very high content of Lauric acid and Monolaurin helping to support the immune system, killing bacteria and making it the perfect supplement for anyone suffering with digestive complaints.

Tagaloa helps with fat burning by raising the metabolic rate. Additional benefits for digestive health and immune boosting make it a functional asset to anyone’s nutrition, not just athletes.  Tagaloa is surprisingly delicate in taste, it can be used as a replacement to any cooking oil for any food. It is also ideal for diabetics as it helps regulate blood sugar by encouraging healing of the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

“When I was first introduced to coconut oil, I was doubtful for many reasons, firstly, the taste – was I really going to be adding this coconut oil to pretty much every meal and drink I consumed? And secondly were there really as many benefits as I was being lead to believe? However, I am now a coconut oil advocate, consuming the product with virtually everything I eat and drink! The nutritional benefits are endless and the extra boost it gives me pre and post workout is phenomenal, plus it tastes great!” Says James Haskell.