The wine is chilled, the oysters are on ice and the roses are blooming, but Valentine’s evening could turn out to be a damp squib if you’ve got a bad back.

A recent study has revealed that seven million people in the UK have had to give up sex due to back pain, meaning it’s time to be proactive and get yourself fit and well if you want Valentine’s Day to end with fireworks.

The study of 2056 people by new back care range Bac showed back pain was proving to be a real passion killer in millions of bedrooms throughout the UK, with some 14% of people – equating to some 6.8m* UK adults – having to knock sex on the head due to its debilitating effects.

It seems partners are not just suffering in the bedroom either.  Some one in ten people (11%) surveyed admitted that back pain had a negative effect on their relationships with many sufferers getting depressed and short tempered.

Mark Critchley, a Bac spokesperson said:  “A lot of back pain is treatable and preventable so make sure you don’t ruin your Valentine’s celebrations because of it.  Our new range has been designed by Harley Street experts to help ensure you get that spark back in your life as soon as possible.”

Bac is a new range of back care products developed in conjunction with The London Spine Clinic to provide non-invasive, drug free, pain relief to the 16.5m people who suffer every year in the UK.  It comprises:

Back Massager (RRP £24.99): Quickly reduces tension in the shoulders and alleviates upper back pain by applying pressure where it is needed.  Used dry or with massage lotion, the ergonomically designed Back Massager enables easy reach for the user and loosens knotted muscles with a deep tissue massage.

Shoulder Brace (RRP £34.99): Lightweight, discreet and comfortable, the Shoulder Brace draws the shoulders back and straightens the spine, so helping to improve posture and relieving pain in the middle back.

Back Brace with Cool Pads (£39.99): Lightweight and comfortable, the semi-rigid back brace, with heat formed contour fit, allows tired muscles to relax while giving maximum support to the spine.  Designed for lower back pain, it includes pockets for heat pads or cool pads, which deliver soothing warmth or cooling relief to reduce swelling.

Sacroiliac Belt (RRP £34.99): Supports and compresses the hip joints to reduce pain in the lower back, hips and buttocks.  By preventing excessive movement and supporting the lower back, the Sacroiliac Belt helps hips regain their natural movement.

Bac can be bought in selected Boots stores, and

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