Tara’s Favourite Finds – from our resident beauty boffin… Tara Adamson, our self-confessed beauty addict.

She is the David Attenborough of the beauty industry because what she doesn’t know about the latest products out there, isn’t worth knowing. Trust her, she knows her beauty…



Elemis, from £49

Elemis have bought out lots of lovely goodies in time for Mother’s Day; two of my absolute favourites have been the Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath and the Pro-Collagen Treats box.

Light those candles, dim the lights and relax in a lovely warm bath with Elemis’s Jasmine & Rose Milk Bath (£42 for a huge 400ml bottle.) Pour a couple of capfuls into running water where it foams very lightly and turns the bathwater deliciously milky. It feels nourishing on the skin and leaves it feeling soft, moisturised and delicately perfumed. The scent is divine; predominantly rose with a hint of jasmine, leaving your bathroom smelling like your own private spa. Containing “exotic, aromatic oils of Egyptian jasmine and Turkish rose absolute, it has been specially formulated to promote a sense of serenity and calm. This cleansing milk bath contains nourishing argan oil and camellia seed oil to protect and moisturise the skin, whilst flower oils of jasmine and white lotus leave skin feeling beautifully soft and delicately fragranced”.

I’m loving the Pro-Collagen Treats box (£49, but would be £78.50 if bought separately); a sweet little vanity case (great for storing beauty goodies once you’ve used the contents) containing a full sized Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and the Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment – two of my very favourite Elemis products. The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has been ‘expertly formulated with exquisite oils and waxes to dissolve make-up and the day’s impurities leaving you with a luxuriously cleansed, deeply nourished and glowing complexion.’

The Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (also full sized) is a ‘lightweight serum with super active padina pavonica, blue flower linseed and an amino acid complex which helps to smooth and firm eye contours, targeting fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance’. I find this lovely to use under my normal eye cream as an added anti-aging boost to the delicate eye area.


Molton Brown; Rhubarb & Rose Collection

I so wish you could smell this new Rhubarb & Rose Collection from Molton Brown; it’s so uplifting! It contains rhubarb extract to keep hands healthy, rose extract to help moisturise and aromas of zesty yuzu, grapefruit and mandarin to lift the senses. As with all Molton Brown products, these are luxurious treats to have in your bathroom – the scent of this collection reminds me of luscious summer tarts and freshly cut roses!

It has a sweet, juicy, long-lasting scent which is exactly like rhubarb and custard sweets; predominantly rhubarb with a touch of rose – I love it!

The collection consists of a Hand Wash (£16), Enriching Hand Lotion (£20) and a Replenishing Hand Cream (£10). My favourite is The Replenishing Hand Cream – its moisturising, nourishing and non greasy and is instantly absorbed by my parched hands.

It comes in a handy squeezy tube which is small enough to keep in your handbag for top-ups on the go.



Jo Loves – Fragrance Shot Box, £38

This is the most gorgeous collection of Jo Loves’ exquisite fragrances; beautifully presented in a signature red gift box with hand-tied ribbon. It contains 10, 2ml vials of the following scents; Pomelo; Refreshing and energising, this mouth-watering citrus is fast becoming a cult classic. Green Orange & Coriander; Bitter green citrus and culinary herbs create an incredibly warm and soulful fragrance. Orange Tulle; Soft, delicate notes of orange blossom flower, mandarin and neroli dance on your skin.

Perfect for moments when you want to feel fun and flirty. Gardenia; Rich and identifiable, this fragrance perfectly captures Gardenia’s elegant floral character. This would be a fantastic gift for Mothers’ Day, or as a treat for yourself as an introduction to some of Jo Loves stunning fragrances before splurging on a bottle of your favourite one!


RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, £61.20

Never have my eyelashes looked so amazing. Ever. I want, no, I need, to buy this product by the bucketload. From longish, but sparse and spindly lashes, I now have the most beautiful, thick, long and lustrous lashes with a gorgeous curl to them; what this product has done to my eyelashes is truly incredible. Forget the old eyelash curler; it’s not needed here any more.

This is a water-based, brush on formula containing, among other things, plant extracts which stimulate eyelash growth. As part of your night-time routine and once you have perfectly cleansed skin, paint on thinly above your upper lash line as close to the root of the lashes as possible.

Try not to get any in your eyes as it doesn’t half sting! I noticed a big difference in about four to 6six weeks; firstly, they are much longer (so much so that its quite annoying wearing sunglasses as they keep brushing against the lenses!) and there seems to be so many more of them, so overall my lashes are much thicker; they look much healthier & luscious, plus they seem to drop out less. Ok, its pricey (£61.20 for 2ml but boy, is it effective; just try it!

I also tried RevitaLash’s Volumizing Primer (£18); which worked well, but isn’t my favourite one on the market. This primer is an innovative blue colour and is easy to conceal under your regular mascara, unlike others which are white and difficult to hide! It’s fabulous for conditioning lashes and giving them extra volume; and because of its matte formula, it also helps mascara to stay on longer and not to flake or smudge.

RevitaLash’s Volumizing Mascara (£19.50) comes in two shades; Raven and Espresso. I’m loving Raven, a deep glossy black which has a super smooth, clump-free formula and a fantastic brush (remember girls, it’s all in the brush!) to help volumize, define and separate lashes.