How are things?

Its very peaceful at King Towers. Could that be because school is back?

Appreciate for some of you North of the Border, it will have been weeks, but in our neck of the woods, we’ve just gone back.

We came back from holiday in Mexico (you can read about that in our fab new travel section) and we had the two day to get the uniform and school shoes sorted.

Thats a trauma in itself. I absolutely detest shopping for school shoes. We pitched up at John Lewis for opening time and were met with a sea of parents and their kids clambering to get pole position at the doors.

It was akin to Harry Styles doing a meet and greet. When the doors opened the crowds surged forward in an apocalyptic frenzy.

We held back and paid the ultimate price – number 68 in the queue.

Fast forward 3 hours and almost £200 later and we left with three pairs of shoes and very grumpy children.

Oh and of course on the way out I just ‘had to have’ a juicer. Another £200 later – we finally made it to the car.

The juicer is fab. Well it is now. Now that I can actually use it properly. Usual me. I open the box discard the instructions, plug it in and grab ever available vegetable and fruit we have and start.

Now the reason we bought this particular juice was that it has a nifty little device for catching all the bits that aren’t processed into juice. It deposits them in a container which you simply empty.

However in my delirious excitement – I know I get excited over the strangest things – I over-looked the waste catching thing.

So its plug in, the produce is ready. the kicks are gathered round – just like when I was young and my parents got their first microwave (the size of a small family hatch-back) and we all sat round for 20 minutes Ooo-ing’ and ahhh-ing’ as four baked potatoes span round – there wasn’t Sky TV then – anyway. I switch it on. It powers up.

The kids are all vying to be the one to hand over the fruit and veg. In go five carrots, several apples, a head of broccoli and a bag of spinach – we all watch as the extracted juice – pours into the jug.

Lets say it didnt look particularly appetising – but it was going to be healthy.

We stop the machine and all have a taste. I liked it. Lets just say broccoli has an overpowering taste.

But thank God I drank it before I began to dismantle the juicer. Because I hadnt attached the waster collecting bit. The resulting leftovers had fired out the machine at 200mph (we hadn’t noticed in our new-juicer excitement) and welded themselves across the kitchen surface, the tiled splash back, the under-side of the wall units, the cooker. It was just hideous. Seriously it took almost 2 hours to scrape the bloody stuff up. I can still smell broccoli in the kitchen. The bin part is now firmly attached and we had have no further disasters.

The kids are even drinking carrot and apple juice. Result!

However the kitchen didnt escape unscathed and so  not content with kicking back and relaxing post-holiday, we decided we needed to redecorate it, plus (for good measure) the kids rooms and in the process loose my beloved dressing room (actually it was a bedroom originally) in order to gain back the bedroom.

It made sense at the time – honest.

Anyways the built in racks were emptied – albeit reluctantly – but without the need for Valium – then dismantled and we were left with a blank space.

A trip to B&Q was needed. I did it solo – having experienced that particular nightmare with three kids – I decided I could do it myself with speed, ease and precision.

I locate the Paint Zone’ – these superstores are vast – almost needed a taxi to get there! Anyway I grabbed the colours for the girls rooms, and our little boy insisted he wanted a Spiderman room – and he wanted blue and red walls – trust me I’m good at interior design, but making Blue and red look good is particularly challenging.

I found a red emulsion. Top shelf of course. Reduced to £5 (wonder why – eh?) and proceed to edge the said plastic tub towards the edge of the shelf to grab it. In doing so it sort of dangled for a second, wobbled on the edge of the precipice and then dropped. Now I can move fast – you become agile when your as accident prone as me – but clearly not fast enough.

The said tub – imagine it in slow motion – tumbled through the air as I screamed WATCH-OUT.

SPLAT it hit the floor with a deafening thud, burst open and sprayed the red pain over my lower half, the entire floor and rather sadly – and much worse – over two elderly female pensioners who were clearly on a morning out and were wandering with an empty trolley.

It was a blood bath. They looked like they were victims in Tarantinos Reservoir Of Dogs. OMG it was just awful. Now accidents do happen, but poor Mabel and Mary (no idea of their names but those seem fitting) looked like they were going to go into Cardiac Arrest. There they were, on a wee trip to B&Q – no doubt stopping off at the coffee shop for a spot of lunch – and they’d ended up like victims in a gangland shooting!

Have to say they were very, kind and insisted they were fine and after the initial shock, and they even laughed. Can’t say I would have been that forgiving.

Fast forward 27 members of staff armed with copious amounts of industrial kitchen towel and everyone was looking better.

The old dears would accept my offer of new clothes or dry cleaning (trust me that wouldnt have helped – but it was a gesture) and said they were fine and didnt need a lift home.

I finished the shopping and loaded the car and as I’m driving out of the car park I spot they pensioners – bold as brass – standing at the bus stop.

Couldnt help but think what passing rubber-necking drivers were thinking as they gasped at the two ladies in their ‘blood-splatter’ clothes..

I promise Ill try and be more careful before we speak again – but in my life – you’re almost guaranteed that ain’t going to happen!

Speak soon – stay safe and thanks again to everyone who follows me on Twitter – @findstevek  – Im also on Instagram – findstevek – its what all the cool kids are using now. so not sure why I am!



Edwin Jagger Range

Range from £5 and up

Talk about discovery of the Summer – well look no further than Edwin Jagger for ALL your shaving needs. Founded almost 30 years ago, this company is pretty much top of their game when i comes to offering products you need for Wet Shaving.

Founded in Sheffield Edwin Jagger uses a unique combination of cutting edge technology, traditional hand production skills and exacting standards to produce the very finest wet shaving products. And it shows in the quality of the products.

Now the range is vast and varied – the craftsmanship stunning and the choice – almost endless.

Two of my particular favourites are the Riva Mach 3 Ebony Razor (£90) and the sublime Limes and Pomegranate Shaving Cream, Parabens free

Limes and Pomegranate essential oils will help to cleanse and restore skin leaving it toned and protected against the elements.

Delicate fruity fragrance which is light and refreshing.

It was wonderful and will forever remind me of holiday. You HAVE to check them out.




Lip Renewal Complex



Used this product constantly on holidays and fell in love with it. I am prone to dry, chapped lips and out breaks of cold sores (delightful I know) but it is the normal for me especially on holiday. Bu this year thanks to this great lip product from Dermalogica – there wasn’t even a hint of a cold sore. Result!

I love it so much Im still using it and the results are visible within a couple of days of use.

Its quite brilliant.

Vitamin-rich emollients Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado, and Wheat Germ smooth and condition to help prevent dehydration. Contains an exclusive peptide that helps prevent the formation of skin-aging AGEs. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide conditions while helping to stimulate collagen formation and minimise fine lines. Get some NOW!

PS Orders of £80 or more qualify for a great free gift at the moment – so hurry!


Musclease Active Body Oil


Another holiday favourite I have to share with you has to be this fabulous body oil from Elemis.

Officially Musclease Active Body Oil is perfect as part of a fitness programme this synergy of maritime pine, sea buckthorn, sea fennel and rosemary essential oil helps ease muscle pain and stressed joints, but I used it almost daily as a brilliant pick-me-up’ for my body. Its like having your own personal masseur in a bottle.

It smells great and in next to no time that tired, achey feeling we all get from time to time is gone.

Honestly a great buy and one you’ll be hooked on instantly.


Blissful Temple Tree Bath & Shower Gel


And my final post holiday recommendation is this brilliant (recently re-branded) shower and bath gel. I only ever buy this particular shower gel – although our house is a a mecca to MB products – when we go on holiday.

There is something about the dreamy scent that will forever remind me of distant shores, faraway places and happy times. It has that sort of power.

Its blended with Laotian templetree flower, patchouli and jasmine aroma and offers  gentle body-cleansing full of sunny vibes leaving you with exotically scented skin.

Honestly if I could have this as an air freshener I’d use it every day just to bring a smile to my face.