Laura Davidson, national newspaper journalist, is mum to five-year old Hannah, and three year-old Lucy.

What with all the sleepless nights, a collicky baby, a turbo-charged toddler, and a home to run (we all know how hard this time is), Laura is determined to keep up her nana’s legacy of looking fabulous even when she is feeling less than human most days…

So while she reckons she needs a little help in the beauty department to feel less slummy mummy and more yummy mummy – though we think she looks great – here is how she’s getting on…

It’s that time of year when there’s at last a vague hint of that big orange thing in the sky and off I go shuffling to my bottom drawer in search of whatever remnants of last year’s suncreams are left. Sound familiar?
Well, that’s my usual routine, but this year those clever people at Aveda have got me thinking a little differently.
I know I should wear an SPF every day. I know I should have been doing it for years. But, honestly, apart from the small amount of protection in my normal moisturiser and foundation, I haven’t been.
imgresThe reason? Well, despite good intentions, and trying several facial SPFs, I’ve just not found a product that was free enough of gloop to leave my face feeling grease-free under make-up. All have left me feeling as though I’ve just applied a layer of lard. Until now.
Aveda’s Daily Light Guard is what I’ve been crying out for. It’s light enough to feel barely-there once applied but – importantly – it very much is there, and doing its bit to battle against the ageing effects of all those nasty UVA and UVB rays with a hefty SPF30. Hero or what?
Pitched as being all the ‘complexion protection’ you’ll ever need (clever, eh?), it’s entirely derived from minerals and plants.
Aveda’s professional spa education manager Helga Hefner, says: “The sun is the premature ageing factor we are exposed to most on a daily basis. Most people think they may only need to wear a sunscreen on a sunny day, but most UV and environmental damage happens while simply going about your daily routine.”
I hear you, Helga. Which is why I won’t be letting my girls repeat my mistakes. As soon as they hit their teens and start their own skincare regime, mum will be making sure a daily SPF is part of it. And, thanks to pioneering products like this, they won’t have to clamour through the gloop to find one that works. So, huge applause, Aveda. My wrinkles thank you.
• Aveda Daily Light Guard, £34,