travel and beauty journalist who writes under the name of Rosie McKechnie has found some great products for all you yummy 40 somethings to try.

Rosie, who has worked all over the world, likes to be behind the lens sometimes too and enjoys keeping an air of mystery about her. Read her tips for all of you in your forties. 


Always on the lookout for products with extra value, I’ve been really impressed with the Soothing Cleanser from the Clinique Redness Solutions range. The creamy-gel cleanser is super-light but still manages to shift make-up without drying the skin out. If that’s not good enough, it is perfect for anyone who suffers from reactive redness or flushes of rosacea, soothing skin and rebalancing moisture levels. I swap it with my usual face wash and use it a couple of times a week, when my skin looks like it needs a bit of tlc. It is gentle enough to use every day to keep irritation at bay.

Before putting on make-up, I’ve been using Clinique’s Superprimer to colour correct redness. The range of Superprimer Face Primers has just relaunched with six formulations to choose from, all the way from correcting dullness and sallowness and discolourations. The yellow-coloured redness corrector is light and non-greasy. Apply all over the face or just where it’s needed, maybe on the nose or cheeks. A great base, it gives my foundation staying power and beautifully evens out skin tone. No more ducking into a corner to check my face in a mirror compact when I go out! Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser, £17, and Superimer, £20, from

When I’m sitting on the train every morning on the way to work, I always envy the girls with perfectly made-up faces … sleek skin, defined cheekbones and a pop of colour on the eyes. When do they get up in the morning to do all that?! I never seem to have time to put on anything more than a slick of mascara and lipstick.

Recently my five-minute routine before I disappear out the door has had just enough time for a swish of the new Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base and a swoop of colour from the range of Clarins Crayon Khol eye pencils. Boy, what a difference they make. The base evens out skin tone and looks good enough on its own with mascara and eyeliner. At the weekend, when I’ve got more time, it perfectly holds eye colour that lasts all day long. No more eyeshadow disappearing into the creases of my eyes. My favourite pencil shades are smoky plum and intense violet – just enough colour to open my eyes and give definition. The handy pencil also has a brush to blend. Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base, £22, and Crayon Khol Pencils, £17 each, from

Have I mentioned that I’m a massive fan of the Darphin skincare range? It’s hard not to rave on and on about the classic French collection…

All the products are a real treat for the skin but at the moment I’m particularly enjoying using the Organic Jasmine Aromatic Care essential oil. Specially formulated for mature skin, I use a few drops on clean skin in the evening, before moisturiser, a little goes a long way. It’s the perfect time to get to work as skin regenerates overnight.

It smells like a deeply indulgent spa treatment: breathe in the wonderful aromatherapy fragrance, then gently massage into the face. It’s a great boost for the skin, especially at this time of year when the weather changes and it is under attack by wind and rain outside and central heating inside. A real wonder oil, it doesn’t clog pores. Perfect for dry, sensitive skin, it just leaves you looking healthy and radiant. Darphin Essential Oil Elixir Jasmine Aromatic Care, from £46, from

When it comes to tools of the trade, I’ve been using the same selection of Bobbi Brown, Nars, Benefit and Stila brushes for years. It takes a long time to find the right kit that works for you so I’m never keen to change.

I’ve been forced to make space for four new friends in the shape of the set of foundation and contour brushes by Nanshy. To begin with, I used the chunky brushes for foundation and concealer, but found they worked really well for powder, bronzer and even primer. The flat angled buffer brush is perfect for applying foundation, then use the flat top buffer brush to blend and for bronzer.

The round buffer brush pushes concealer is around the nose and under the eyes, and the pointed brush is ideal to target specific areas. With soft, synthetic bristles, all the brushes are 100% cruelty free and approved by PETA. Time to brush up on your make-up techniques girls… Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set, £29.95, from