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40-something skin us introduce you to our new columnist – a world-class travel and beauty journalist who writes under the name of Rosie McKechnie.

Rosie, who has worked all over the world, likes to be behind the lens sometimes too and enjoys keeping an air of mystery about her. Read her tips for all of  you in your forties. We also have a new columnist Louise Scott, who will be writing for 30-something skin next month too.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow singles, £16, and doubles, £20

I’ve been disappointed recently wearing some of my favourite eye shadows – my main gripes are that they are too powdery, they crease too easily and the colours don’t last very long.

I know it’s not just them, getting older our skin changes and formulas and colours that were winners for years just don’t hit the mark. Make way for this lovely collection of colours from Elizabeth Arden, which comes with skincare benefits.

Added vitamins and a blend of silicone and antioxidants means the colour stays on the lid and doesn’t slip into creases and lines.

The powder shadows have a creamy texture so I could wear them all day long (without an eye shadow base to hold them in place) and there was no creasing. The double palettes have a lighter highlighter shade, perfect on it’s own with a slick of eyeliner and mascara, or with the darker shade across the eyelid. Colours are buildable and easy to use with the handy double-ended applicator, which has a brush and a sponge.

There are 20 duos and seven singles to choose from, with a great selection of plums, bronzes and metallics. They look good in your make-up bag too – the sophisticated gold and silver compact, with a mirror, has the Elizabeth Arden red door embossed on the front.

I’ve also been using the Lash Enhancing Mascara from the Beautiful Colour collection. Lashes look longer and curl perfectly and there’s no pesky clumping or running.

The formula promises to promote lash growth so over time you should see a difference if you feel your lashes are thin.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow singles, priced £16, and doubles, priced £20. Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara, £21. All from Elizabeth Arden counters.


Angel Aqua Chic, £40

When the months change and the weather, finally, starts to get warmer, that’s when I rethink what perfume to wear. That deeper, darker scent that wrapped me up in a cosy cocoon all through the winter months just doesn’t seem right any more. Too heavy, too cloying, it’s just doesn’t do it for me.

Many perfume houses produce limited edition summer fragrances and it’s a great way to try something new with a spritz that smells different from everything else.

For me, Thierry Mugler’s Alien has always been a bit heavy. I like it on other people but when I try it, the fragrance just doesn’t seem to work for me. But Angel Aqua Chic is a lighter, summery version of the classic scent and is injected with fruity, floral tones to cut through the sweet base notes.  Light and elegant, it makes a refreshing change. It has been freshened up with the addition of raspberry blossom and green apple. Mixed with the added rose water, the bold patchouli-vanilla scent suddenly becomes much more delicate.

Fans of Angel won’t be disappointed – it’s still the same original star-shaped bottle with an added sparkly twist. For stockists: 0207 307 6760.

EyeScrition PreCrease Wrinkle Prevention Gel, £56

Dr Tracey Bell is a new name to me in the world of skincare but she has quickly become one of my new best friends. From her cosmecutical range I’ve been using the EyeScription PreCrease Wrinkle Prevention Gel and am seriously impressed with the results.

This is an eye cream that works – and the results can been seen very quickly. I’ve been patting the light gel around the eye area morning and night and it has made a real difference to fine lines. The magic ingredients moisturise the delicate eye area, then capture oxygen and release it when it is most needed to help remove damaging pollutants from the skin.

I’m a contact lens and glasses wearer and spend most of the day looking at a computer screen. I’m always aware of rubbing my eyes and the sensitive skin around them when I get tired. PreCrease can be dabbed on during the day on top of make-up – just a tiny amount – to give the skin a boost when it needs it.

Originally a cosmetic dentist with a practice on the Isle of Man, Tracey now has a health and beauty clinic and has expanded to Liverpool. She refers to her age perfecting treatments as aesthetic medicine and PreCrease as a prescription for ageing skin. I’d recommend a visit to the doctor now.


Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil & Colour Stick, £38.16

I first discovered argan oil on a trip to Morocco nine years ago. Travelling from the hippy hangout of Essaouira to Marrakech, we stopped in a village where local women were harvesting the nuts from argan trees and pressing the oil-rich kernels. Sold in old-fashioned medicine bottles, the oil was a wonder product I used on everything from sunburn to my dried-out hair.

It’s much more readily available these days in specific products for skin, hair and nails. What makes Josie Maran’s oil special is that it is 100% pure organic argan oil, packed with vitamin E. There are no additives, toxins or fragrances added and the oil isn’t tested on animals. Like all Josie’s products, it’s luxury with a conscience. No wonder celebs like Emma Stone are such big fans.

The 50ml glass bottle has a dropper for easy application, you only need to use a couple of drops at a time so it will last for ages.

I use it under my night cream a couple of times a week for an extra moisture boost, as an occasional daytime moisturiser (it’s light enough to apply make-up on top), rub it into dry cuticles, dry patches on elbows and heels and if I’m washing my hair in the morning, I run it through the ends to seal cuticles before going to bed for an overnight treatment. To say it’s a real all-rounder is an understatement. Buy the oil from QVC and you also get the Colour Stick, a sheer tint for long-lasting colour on cheeks and lips. From QVC at or 0800 50 40 30.

 Just arrived…

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi-Protection BB Cream 24hr Moisture Activator, £28

One of the big launches this month is Decleor’s first BB cream. It’s so new we haven’t had a chance to test it yet but the buzz about the product is that it’s likely to be a winner. When it comes to skincare Decleor can do no wrong.

A BB cream is of course a moisturiser and a foundation combined. The Moisture Activator contains all the hydrating benefits of the Hydra Floral collection, which means it protects skin against harmful environmental damage while at the same time enhancing skin tone. With the added benefit of SPF 15, it’s perfect to wear everyday with UVA/UVB protection.

Priced £27.96, it’s exclusively available during April on QVC, with free P&P. You can’t buy it from Decleor counters until May 1. Visit or call 0800 50 40 30.