pic hyrdra originel

YMB rating: 4.6/5

January 7, 2012 – When there’s a new year, it takes a bit of getting used to writing the correct year – and is it just me but does it not feel like we live in the 1900s when you write 2012… like my grandchildren’s kids will say, “hey my great granny used to test beauty for a living… let’s check out the archives of that really primitive system called the internet and websites… ” You can see it now , can’t you? And they’ll all marvel and laugh at the fact that people wore jeans and glasses and carried plastic phones… in the year 2012. Or is it just me? Anyway I digress. This year I am loving another new find. Phytomer Hydra Originel Creme, around £32. Not that I found it this year. Last year to be exact. But I have big love for this gorgeous product. Big love. This is one you should definitely find out more about. It’s light and fluffy and will give your skin a big drink – perfect for this time of year. A softness spreads over your face – and a spongy-ness too. My skin is plumper and dewy while I’m using it. I will be doing a feature on other products from the range next month… it’s a spa product – Stobo Castle in Peebleshire and Atholl Palace in Pitlochry use it – but I believe it should be used by all of us more often. More info on www.phytomer.com


Origins VitaZing, £24

YMB rating: 4.2/5

Well I like moisturisers, especially in the mornings. Your face is a bit sleepy looking and, if you’re anything like me, a bit crepey in places it never used to be and then after you put some moisturiser on it’s as if Harry had waved his magic wand – dadah – and all is great again. A smidgeon on the end of your finger tip – make sure it’s clean though, and not got jammy toast on it, like I had this morning – and smooth into your skin.  This gem of a product from Origins is lovely and I felt it did give my skin a bit of a Zing – honestly. I do like Origins though. They have a great range and most of their products suit my skin, which is 40-something and combination, with a leaning to being a bit dry. So if you have similar skin, then you can’t go too wrong with this one. Nice smell which I love and actually improves the start of the day for me.  From Origins counters in Boots, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Selfridges and Harrods or 0800 054 2888/www.origins.co.uk.


YMB rating: 4.5/5

Liz Earle’s Superskin Moisturiser, £34.50

When your skin is well-nourished and hydrated,  you tend to look a lot better. So just before you head out the door, get hold of your favourite moisturiser. A quick massage of your favourite cream can do wonders for the colour and texture of your complexion – and takes less than a minute. This one from Liz Earle is lovely. It suits 30-something to 40-something skin and sinks in like butter melting on toast. I’m beginning to become a bit of a Liz Earle fan. See Expert’s Tips for more on Liz Earle and the product range. From www.lizearle.com


Clarins Daily Energiser Cream-Gel, £27

YMB rating: 4/5


yummyness rating

I absolutely loved this product. It was light, easily absorbed and left my skin feeling refreshed all day. Once applied, it didn’t leave my face looking shiny as the Boots one did and within one week, my skin was noticeably softer and healthier looking. It also had a lovely fresh smell. All in all, I really enjoyed using this product and will feel rather sad when the pot has finished. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone with dry skin like mine. It’s on my Santa List. www.uk.clarins.com


Clarins Hydra Quench Tinted Moisturiser, £19.50


YMB rating: 4/5


I have to admit I am not generally a fan of tinted moisturiser. Probably more due to my inability to apply it properly rather than any fault with the actual product. However I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. It was very easy to apply to get a good even coverage (something I usually struggle with). It did not look grainy or false, but give me a rather healthy glow (which could come in handy after a few too many wines the night before). This is definitely something I would consider using more often in the future. www.uk.clarins.com


hanel’s deliciously creamy Hydramax + Active Moisture Mask (£36) will rehydrate for optimal moisture levels and boost density and radiance, leaving your skin more supple with a refined texture.



Estée Lauder’s divine little Stress Relief Eye Mask pads (£25 for 10) are a fantastically revitalising, hydrating and soothing 10-minute pick me up for the delicate eye area (keep them in the fridge to make them even more effective). Clarins’ Daily Energizer Wake Up Booster (£15) contains redcurrant, green coffee and white tea extracts to refresh, tone and revive skin vitality. Nourish lacklustre complexions withBarefoot Botanical’s Instant Youth Serum (£36.95) – an antioxidant-rich, flash beauty balm containing 100% natural wrinkle smoothing and collagen-boosting goodies. Lines:Smooth deep lines and wrinkles and help to keep new ones at bay with Boots No7’s Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream (£22) – a cooling velvety cream which works on three levels, containing SPF 15, five-star UVA technology, and powerful antioxidant and pro-retinol complexes; smoothed over face and neck, it will help to plump and firm the skin.