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This month, Beauty Box Boudoir brings you a collection of desirable beauty potions to help unleash your inner Glamazon! So uncork the fizz, pull the blind and get some Barry White on that turntable. Who loves you, baby!!

Inge x



Cheek & Eye Glow in Sunglow Pink, Rituals, £24

yummymummybeauty rating 3.9

sundance-pinkPink is big news for make-up this spring, so add some frosty February shimmer with Ritual’s new Gemstone make-up range. The Cheek and Eye Glow is enriched with amethyst, which, according to ancient Chinese medicine, imparts inner peace, creativity and balance. The amethyst content firms and relaxes the skin allowing skin to breathe.

Swirl a chunky blusher brush over the whole palette to give cheeks a subtle pop of colour or define eyes by choosing one of the four shades of sorbet to dusky pink or the central highlighter.

On application my skin felt really smooth, even after a day at work, and the shimmer is a gorgeous iridescent gleam. This would be perfect for giving yourself some Valentine twinkle! www.rituals.com


 Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream, Darphin, 200ml, £39

yummymummybeauty rating 4.8

Nourishing & Firming Velvet CreamHow much do I adore this amazing body cream, I have to say, one heck of a lot! Winner of a Red Magazine Best of Beauty award, this buttery cream melts in leaving the skin incredibly soft and comfortable all day, velvety smooth to the touch and with a subtle fragrance of white flowers. Packed with Sweet Almond extract and organic Shea Butter to nourish and provide essential fatty acids, plus Menyanthes Trifoliata (Water Shamrock), which helps support the skin’s natural collagen and provides plumping and firming properties.

A true delight, and it’ll be a very sad day when the last scrap of velvet cream is finally gone. This is the first product I’ve tried from the Darphin Institute, as this is out of my usual budget range, but I have to say this level of skin comfort makes this a ‘splash out’ future must-buy. www.darphin.com


Nourishing Satin Oil, Darphin, 100ml, £38

yummymummybeauty rating 4.1

Perhaps you prefer a dry body oil for the added glow and impact? Then try this from the same stable as the delectable Velvet Cream. Darphin’s Picture1Nourishing Satin Oil has Red Ginger essential oil, a powerful anti-oxidant, and, for skin nourishment, contains a combination of four precious lipid-replenishing oils: Inca inchi, safflower, Sesame and Sweet Almond.

Again this glides onto the skin, leaving a non-greasy silky film for excellent all day skin comfort and moisturising. The fragrance is a seriously sensuous blend of vanilla-tinted Jasmine. Super soft skin and a stunning fragrance too. Perfect for V-day! www.darphin.com


Skin Truffle, Temple Spa, 50ml, £80

yummymummybeauty rating 4.5

If there was ever a product which embodied the spirit of a modern St Valentine’s Day – then this has got to be the one!

Poured into this generous chocolate truffle coloured pot is an anti-ageing cream with a quite jaw-dropping list of luxury ingredients including: 001-Im0 (1)Truffle Noir, Gold and Silk actives, Champagne extract, Strawberry extract and sheer diamond powder! It even has an ingredient which mimics the natural increase of our happy hormones, endorphins. A Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing award winner, scoring an unprecedented 9.31/10; this cult product, not surprisingly, had the press calling it “happiness in a jar”. Who needs a partner, let’s just stay in with the Skin Truffle!

It’s a big build-up, so what is it really like?

The answer is, pretty brilliant, actually! From first use, skin is instantly illuminated with a ‘where the light catches’ shimmer. Skin Truffle’s consistency is like rich double cream and the fragrance is delicately sweet and delicious without being cloying. This, together with its anti-ageing and moisturising properties, leaves the skin soft and smooth, and feeling a bit tauter too. My skin looked glowing and just a lot healthier all round. As for the happy hormones, well, it’s difficult to say, and it could just be my imagination, but anything which helps with positive vibes gets a big thumbs up from me.

Just launched and hot off the press is Truffle Noir Cream, minus the diamond powder, which can be used as a night cream for us girls or as an anti-ageing day cream for men, also £80.00. www.templespa.com


Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, Aveda, £29

 yummymummybeauty rating 4.8

Winner of a coveted Cosmopolitan Beauty Award, this big pot of stress-busting soaking salts is designed to help you kiss your cares goodbye.Stress-Fix Bath Salts

Using the science of Aromaology, Aveda have combined the pure essential oils of French lavender, which relax and sooth tired nerves, Clary Sage, an ancient aphrodisiac, and Lavandin, which boosts self esteem. This combination of organic oils is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress and, when added to the mineral salt and sugar mixture, smells like walking through a fresh lavender field.

It all sounded pretty feelgood on the tub, and, to be honest, if you plan on having a bath with these salts then don’t factor much else in for the evening because, dear me, I could hardly keep my eyes open afterwards! The mineral salts and sugar mix completely dissolve in the warm water and the oils leave a lovely layer of light fragrance on your skin, without being too oily. The surface of the bath’s not like a skating rink either, which is good. It does sound like a lot of money for bath salts, but quite honestly, relaxing baths don’t come much more chilled out than this. Money well spent.

For further stress busting fixes in the range, try the Stress-Fix Hydrating body lotion, £27,  and, for a portable solution, apply Aveda’s much loved Stress-Fix rollerball to pulse points, £21. www.aveda.com