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By Inge Morrill

Happy 2014! How are those resolutions going? Hope you’re sticking to yours? Mine include doing more exercise (yes, that seasonal classic), getting more sleep and finally writing that book. All highly achievable, then!

This month, it’s all about being kind to ourselves after the mad rush of the festive season. Beauty Box brings you a range of gorgeously pampering products to let you shine in the New Year, whatever the weather!  Inge x


Skin Truffle, Temple Spa, 50ml, £85

Yummymummy rating 4.5

Guard against the worst of biting winds and cold weather with Temple Spa’s Skin Truffle. The generous chocolate truffle pot contains an anti-ageing cream with a quite jaw-dropping list of luxury ingredients including: Black Truffle, Gold and Silk actives, Champagne extract, Strawberry extract and sheer diamond powder! It even has an ingredient, which mimics endorphins, our happy hormones. A Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing award winner, scoring an unprecedented 9.31/10; this cult product, not surprisingly, had the press calling it “happiness in a jar”.

It’s a big build-up, so what is it really like? The answer is, pretty brilliant, actually! From first use, skin is instantly illuminated with a ‘where the light catches’ shimmer. Skin Truffle’s consistency is similar to rich double cream and the fragrance is delicately sweet and delicious without ever being cloying. This, together with its anti-ageing and moisturising properties, leaves the skin soft and smooth, plus feeling a bit tauter too. My skin looked glowing and just a lot healthier all round. As for the happy hormones, well, it’s difficult to say, and it could just be my imagination, but anything which helps with positive vibes in January gets a big thumbs up from me.  www.templespa.com/amandalatham


Deep Repair Masque, Macadamia Natural Oil, 100ml, £12.50

Yummymummyrating 4.3

Deep Repair Masque will strengthen and defend your hair against the twin assaults of arctic blasts and too much central heating in only seven minutes!

Packed with deeply hydrating Macadamia Oil, (actually derived from a seed not a nut) which will condition, reconstruct and give your hair silky shine and movement.

The herbal fruity scent is pleasantly fragrant and perfect for all types of hair. Used twice weekly, this brilliant product will eliminate fluff, frizz and annoying flyaways.

The Masque completely tamed some major frizz issues in our house – so a real winner of a hair product which will give it a permanent place on the shower shelf.

Check out the range of innovative accessories such as the Oil infused Bamboo brush, £18.75, or the Healing Oil infused comb, £7.50. This is detangling, but not as we know it!





Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Fushi, 250g jar, £5.85

Yummymummyrating 4.1

If you already use Fushi’s organic Coconut oil, you are in some seriously red carpet company. The supreme being that is Yummy Mummy, Miranda Kerr, reports that she ‘can’t go a day without it’ and Elsa Pataky, actress and wife of Chris ‘be still my beating heart’ Hemsworth, says she loves to use Fushi coconut oil all over her body. Reviews like these made it a total must-try for me.

Coconut oil is a truly multi-faceted product for wellbeing, reputed to be one of the healthiest oils for both internal and external use. Skin-friendly coconut can be used on skin, hair and hands, is a pure antioxidant and is renowned for preventing premature aging. The oil can also help to treat serious skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

When used in cooking or baking, it gives a healthy boost to the digestion and is an alternative when substituted for your usual olive or vegetable oil. Two to three tablespoons of coconut oil a day can provide essential fatty acids and Vitamin K and E to your diet. It is said to increase your metabolism and thyroid functioning, and can help you lose weight.

I was really keen to give the oil a try, and, although at first I found it a bit unusual as the oil in the jar is very solid and had to be scooped out, it does have a really lovely taste and melted in the mouth quite easily. Applied to the skin, it was a similar experience getting the solid lump of oil out but, when applied to the skin, it melted immediately and smelled divine. So, really not at all difficult to access all those brilliant health benefits. Fans (and there are many) have a jar in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. In fact, I wonder why the NHS don’t just have it on tap? www.fushi.co.uk


Smoothing Cellulite Cream, VitaBella, 150ml, £20

Yummymummyrating 4.7

I was lucky enough to review the VitaBella’s age-defying mask last month and LOVED IT! From the same ‘Cosmo approved’ range comes their stunning Smoothing Cellulite Cream.

Handmade in the beautiful Italian region of Puglia, this cream combines the goodness of organic hand-picked aloe vera gel and olive oil, enriched with horse chestnut to help tone cell walls; plus it includes the extract from a South American tree, Cecropia Obtusa, which helps to breakdown the structures that cause the typical ‘orange peel’ look of cellulite on buttocks and thighs. Clinical trials showed that massaging the cream twice daily into the area for a month achieved outstanding results in toning and smoothing the legs and derrière. I decided to give the cream the 30 day test, plus I got the body brush out of the back of the cupboard where its been ‘hiding’ for the past year!

I have to report that, following my month long trial, getting into the pool over the Christmas break wasn’t the nightmare it might previously have been. My pins are definitely toned and younger looking, the skin texture just looks and feels far better. I have to say, I am VERY impressed.


Nourishing Hand Cream, VitaBella, 100ml, £17

Yummymummyrating 4.5

Hands can take a bit of a battering over the winter months, so protect and nourish them with this hydrating Hand Cream, which includes rosehip oil to moisturise nails and cuticles.

Like the rest of the VitaBella range, the fragrance is completely heavenly – close your eyes and you’ll be transported to a sun-drenched beach in Salento – always good when you’re stuck at your desk in minus temperatures!

This hand cream is so wonderfully non-greasy, that you can apply and pretty much immediately get on with your texting, typing or tidying.

In fact, so successful in the office, that there is hardly any left. Hmph!