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They are in and out of water all day long. Our hands. We never pay them much heed do we? Yet along with your neck, they are the first signs of your true age, so look after them. A good habit to get into is to put a hand cream on your desk at work or at the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. So once you’ve washed your hands, you can give them a quick scoot.

So this week, we are going to give you some tips on what creams work and other things you can do to keep you hands looking as young as possible for as long as you can.

We have teamed up with leading beauty webmag www.yummymummybeauty.com to keep you right on all your beauty needs – and as always we have great products to give away.

1. Have you ever thought of exfoliating your hands. We do it for other parts of our bodies – bums, thighs, faces and arms, but probably most of you haven’t thought about using it for your hands. So with this in mind, just use one of the scrubs you have. Try this one which is rich in natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals, the Spiezia Organics Lemongrass and Marigold Body Scrub, £23.95, from www.spieziaorganics.com and Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh.

2. Next up, is moisturise. Oh and there are hundreds of these to choose from. For the budget end of things, you should think of trying Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails, £2.75, which quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving hands feeling sticky or greasy. From Boots. And for a special treat try Forest Secrets iRejuvenate, £25, which you’ll love, not only for the effect, but the scent is fresh and invigorating. From www.forestsecretsskincare.com.

3. If your hands are in need of some serious TLC, Liz Earle has Hand Repair & Superbalm, £37, which is the perfect pampering duo to instantly soothe dry, chapped hands. It may seem a bit pricey but will last a while and is so yummy you’ll be won over. From QVC.

4.  If you notice that you hands are a bit gnarled and knobbly in places, then it’s time to bring in the heavy artillery. For best results, put on some gloves at bed-time – anything will do; not rubber ones, but the ones for applying creams/scrubs will be fine. Lather on the cream, put on your gloves and wake up to softer hands. Do this for two weeks to really notice the difference. And maintain this once a week – just make sure you don’t do it on date night! Not the best look for a night of passion. We recommend purse-sized Rose Balm Intense, £5.99, with shea butter, cocoa seed butter and wheatgerm oil, this balm provides a unique protective veil over the hands for continual nourishment. www.victoriahealth.com.

5. Hand massage. If you can, persuade someone in your household or if you live alone, get a friend to give you a hand massage next time you see them. You can use any regular massage oil or cream, but this is a very relaxing DIY treatment and is great for your hands. It’s best to do this with someone you like though – as there is lots of hand holding going on of course. So get the giggles over with and enjoy this little treat.


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