me & HannahLaura Davidson, travel editor, columnist and journalist, is mum to two year old Hannah, and seven-month-old Lucy.

What with all the sleepless nights, a collicky baby, a turbo-charged toddler, and a home to run (we all know how hard this time is), Laura is determined to keep up her nana’s legacy of looking fabulous even when she is feeling less than human most days…

So while she reckons she needs a little help in the beauty department to feel less slummy mummy and more yummy mummy – though we think she looks great – here is how she’s getting on…


A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold.  As I was sitting in the salon the other day getting my barnet sorted out, I was reminded of some very wise words a good friend once passed on. (Ring any bells, Madam Editor?). She told me that the best value for money you’ll ever get is your haircut. Spend 50 quid on a top and you might wear it twice. Your hair, on the other hand, you wear every day.

Wise words indeed. I’ve been looked after by award-winning Glasgow hairdresser Taylor Ferguson ( for years now. In the days BK (Before Kids) I used fit in an appointment during late-night opening after a day at the office. These days I look on getting my cut and colour done as a real treat and rope in my mum, hubby, or anyone off the street to take care of the rugrats for a morning so I can indulge in a little ‘me’ time.

The great thing about having a good relationship with your hairdresser is that they instantly ‘get’ what you want done. I explain, he cuts. Simple as that. No need for all that anxious glaring in the mirror, worried they’re lopping off too much/too little/making you look like Anne Widdecombe. I’m happy to leave him to it and I can get on with the serious business of taking in my bodyweight in tea and shortbread while devouring a year’s worth of magazines in one sitting. Bliss.

Your hairdresser’s advice on haircare is important too. Mine has been super reassuring that the hair I lost post-pregnancy (all around my hairline, and bloody scary, I can tell you) is coming back. Most importantly, he’s told me to stop continually pawing at it, which should, I hope, encourage it to grow.

To take care of my locks between visits, I’ve been using Kérastase’s Chroma Captive shampoo, £15.90 for 250mls, and conditioner,reflection_CS_2011 £21.90 for 200mls, both available in salons and It’s a brilliant colour protect range for colour-treated hair, perfect for keeping my highlights looking fresh weeks after they’ve been done. The shampoo is gentle, yet super-cleansing and, best of all, leaves my hair looking shiny. The conditioner makes the hair feel as though it’s had an ultra-nourishing treatment but without any of that heaviness that can come with too much product build-up. Loving it.

So with my hair in tip-top condition, I’ve been road testing a new system for getting my skin in top gear too. I’ve heard lots about Liz Earle’s natural skincare products, but never actually tried them. Well, this month I’ve been giving the three-step daily skincare range a whirl and I have to say, I’m now a huge fan.

I’ll be honest, in the mornings my skincare routine leaves a lot to be desired. With two tiny people to get dressed and fed before 9am, I can usually just about stretch to a quick splash of water and a slick of moisturiser. In the evenings, however, with the juniors quietly tucked up in bed, I love the ritual of washing off the day’s grime. And that’s exactly what Liz Earle’s cleansing system is – a ritual.

Daily Essentials (CTM)The hot cloth cleanser (£14.75 for 100mls) does exactly what it says on the tin – you massage the rich, gorgeously-floral smelling cream over your face then dampen the supplied muslin cloth with warm water and ‘polish’ off. It even tackles eye make-up so is a great time saver. A spritz of Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer (13.25 for 200mls) is next – just skoosh over the face straight from the pump dispenser, no need for faffing with cotton wool. Containing pure essential oils of rose-scented geranium and lavender, it smells as yummy as it feels. Lastly, Superskin Moisturiser (£36.25 for 50mls) will instantly plump up and revitalise any tired-looking complexion. That’ll be me then. All available from – check out the website for special March bonus offers.

145Even glowing skin needs a little help and Dermalogica’s new Sheer Tint (£34 for 40mls) and Cover Tint (£34 for 40mls), both are a couple of great new products just launched this month. Available in light, medium or dark and both with an SPF of 20, each offers a different level of coverage.

Sheer Tint is the lightweight option for those who prefer the tinted moisturiser route. It evens out skintone and makes fine lines appear softer while protecting the skin thanks to that all-important UVA and UVB defense. Cover Tint, 146as you’d expect, gives more coverage but, to be honest, doesn’t feel any heavier on the skin than the sheer option. I’ve been really impressed with its light-diffusing properties. If I’m getting made up for a big night out I usually apply a highlighter to my cheekbones after putting on my foundation, but with this one, there was really no need. Very flattering.

All I need now is the excuse for said big night out. Who’s joining me?