Steve King, is a Men’s Grooming Expert, broadcaster and journalist. He is a former editor of Men’s Health Magazine, as well as numerous women’s magazines. He was also the resident expert on Channel 4’s Richard & Judy Show and wrote fashion and grooming columns in both The Sunday Express and The Mail on Sunday.

He is the foster parent to three children, aged 11, six and two-years-old and is a true believer that women are not the only ones who need a helping hand in the “looking their best” department. Steve is a grooming guru to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to help turn the nation’s men into “Dishy Daddies!” (Follow him on Twitter too – he now has 110,466 followers – check out why… TWITTER @findstevek )

Welcome back me! Feels like a long time since we spoke. How’s life been going for you? Life at King Towers has been, as always, busy, busy, busy! We’ve survived two new schools, a new nursery, a trip to Alton Towers, and let’s not forget three new iPhones!

Not sure where to begin. I suppose I should fill you in on Alton Towers. In a word EXPENSIVE. Wasn’t reckoning on needing a second mortgage for the trip but might as well have taken one. We worked it out, three children, two adults, one night in the Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel, one day in the theme park and one day in the water park – total cost just over £800! And did we have £800 worth of fun – not really! Don’t get me wrong, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, but then they’ve had fun running mad in our local park and that’s FREE!

Now I sound like I’m really tight, but I’m not. It’s just so Z-list as a theme park compared to the ones in the grand old US of A and it’s looking fairly tired these days – a little like myself!

Can’t believe the mini man is going to be three-years-old in December. It seems like yesterday when he was in nappies, couldn’t talk and certainly couldn’t walk! Ahh those days! Currently, ‘Super-Spider-Bat-Boy’ as he’s now called (he’s obsessed with Super Heroes – and not those chocolates in a tin) has decided he has ‘super-powers’. Quite what these are we are yet to find out – but they are holding auditions soon for Britain’s Got Talent – so we’ve got everything crossed they turn out to be something Simon Cowell “has never seen before.”

In the meantime we are going through iPhones like they grow on the trees! iPhone number one: On charge in the kitchen. I catch him in the corner of my eye reaching up and using his super powers to snatch it and promptly drop it into the mop bucket – filled with water. Let me tell you, that new Flash Power Gel works a treat on iPhones. It strips them of all content, renders them useless – but hey that added Fabreeze fragrance makes them smell great!.

iPhone number two (re-purchased from Apple store the next day) Fully charged, fully restored and fully working. Only problem was I couldn’t ‘fully’ find the blasted thing. I tried ringing it. Nothing. Asked my Super-Hero if he’d seen Daddies phone. He greeted me with a smirk. I knew something was up. He took me by the hand and led me to the loo and uttered the immortal words: “phone needed a poo-poo”. A glance down the loo confirmed my worse fear. The phone was lying on it’s side like the Titanic at the bottom of the toilet.

iPhone number three (re-re-purchased from Apple Store the next day) I charged it and restored it when he was in bed. I tried never to let it out my sight. No mean feat in a pair of skinny jeans I tell you. Anyway disaster struck while I was checking the eldest had rinsed the conditioner out of her hair properly. I’d taken off my jeans, stuck on some joggers and left the phone in the jean back pocket.

Super-Hero was playing with his other sister – or so I thought until she appeared in the bathroom. “Where’s your brother?” I asked. “In his room playing.” came the reply. “Doing what?” I urged. “Oh he’s playing the Happy Face game on your phone.” Ten paces across the landing and there he was – A vision in white, clutching my iPhone, which was also oddly a vision in white. White, thick Sudocream that is. He’d found a pot and had liberally applied it to himself, the bed, the carpet, added a few smears to the walls and of course ‘iced’ the iPhone. “What are you doing?” I cried. The response: “Phone hard. Me making it soft. Me moistarisa it”

What can I say – the kid knows skin. He knows about grooming. Now I wonder where he could possibly have learnt that from? On the positive side I have VIP treatment at the local Apple Store. i’m on first name terms with all of the staff – so much so one of the guys has asked me to be his Best Man! Right, enough laughing let’s get down to some serious grooming. See Steve’s tips.