Not that I like to boast but when you have a story as good as this, it’s just too good not to share it. I have a friend – and I really am talking about a friend and not me – who was on a transatlantic flight a couple of weeks ago.

She’s a bit of a high flyer in the world of business but has her feet clearly on the ground… so when she tells you a little bit of goss; you know it’s for real. So there she was – she hadn’t slept for 27 hours and was ushered to the front of the plane for her trip home from the States.

She put on her sleeping mask, covered herself in her coat and snuggled down on the chair for a kip. She slept most of the way and was only wakened by her own loud snoring. Dribbling a bit, she pulled herself out of her sleep and straightened herself up on her seat.

She noticed a young girl beside her and noticed the glowing condition of her hair and that she was wearing an amazing blouse. My friend leaned over to her flight companion and apologised for snoring and commented on the girl’s gorgeous blouse. “Where did you get it?” she asked.

Kate+MiddletonThe young women smiled at her, and said it was just High Street and told her the shop. With that the plane landed and my friend, slowly came to and then did a double take at the girl, who she reckoned looked about 22.

As the seat belt lights went off; the staff ushered the young woman off first. “This way mam,” they said. And the lovely pregnant Kate Middleton, smiled at my friend and left the plane first… now that was worth telling, wasn’t it?

So with this lovely story of a very dignified and unspoiled Royal, we thought we would feature some treatments for all you preggers girls out there.

When you’re pregnant, you feel less yummy as the bump gets bigger, your legs get sore, your back aches – and you don’t fit into any decent clothes. So we have some lovely products to cheer you up and help you through the last stages.

My lovely sister in law Ash reminded me that the last months of just ‘you and the baby’ is a very precious time. When you can feel them move and kick. It’s a special time – and when the real bonding begins. I always liked to talk to my babies at this time; patting the bump and singing to them… (and they still love me).

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