How cute are these Lip Shaped Tweezers? These uniquely design tweezers, £21, provide precision tweezing that is perfect for the delicate and sensitive area on the face.

Having earned the prestigious reputation as a top brow guru, Shavata has over 20 Brow Studios nationwide as well as a signature range of quality products and this latest addition is no exception.

The Lip Shaped Tweezers are compact enough to fit in your essential make-up kit and like all Shavata tools; they are made from the finest quality stainless steel. The tweezers are accompanied with a mirror so you can tweeze those niggling hairs anytime of the day and presented in a black velvet pouch to keep them in the best possible condition.

Shavata’s Lip Tweezers are available from 2nd January exclusively on QVC, www.qvc.co.uk


Olay O-yay

If you tend to stick to one cream and have 30 or 40 something skin, then we suggest you give this little beauty a try. Olay has developed new Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo, £16.99, with targeted ingredient combinations, to effectively fight the appearance of 7 signs of ageing in just one step.

Seven signs of ageing? Really… that’s just the marketing hook, in real terms this product makes your skin feel softer and look brighter, younger and juicier. And it seems that we’re not alone.

A recent study found that 95% OF WOMEN that used new Olay saw a difference. And Hollywood actress Thandie Newton is a fan.

“In order to get on the school run or just out the door, I look in my cupboard and there are all these different pots and you think which one do I use, what do I do, and in the end, I say just forget it!

“So you think wouldn’t it be great to have a cream with the serum already in so I was thrilled when Olay developed this new product, I almost feel like it’s for me!”

And us, Thandie – we love it too.


Counting sleep

Those all-important eight hours can elude many of us night after night – in fact, a recent consumer poll found that only 6% of us achieve a full night’s sleep consistently.

Why not try one of these to send you off to the land of nod?

Sleep Patch-It (£29.99 Holland and Barrett) is a plaster-style patch that uses the ancient principals of reflexology to stimulate key pressure points on the feet.   Enriched with luxurious double-distilled Mandarin Wood Vinegar to boost far infrared – a form of energy naturally produced by our tissues to increase warmth and healing – you can be confident of a restful night. Apply Sleep Patch-It to the soles of your feet shortly before going to bed and allow it to work overnight, helping you to wake feeling refreshed and energised. Sleep Patch-It should be used for seven consecutive nights for optimum results.

Celebrity reflexologist Jade Davison (www.roseyfeet.co.uk) says: “Many of my clients come to me with sleep problems and this is something that reflexology can really assist with.  An expert can help to get to the bottom of the problem, and to continue the treatment at home, try something like Sleep Patch-It, on the soles of your feet to stimulate the reflexology points and help you sleep more easily and deeply.”

You could also try:

Benbow & Blake Bath & Body Wash (£12.50 www.benbowandblake.com) – this luxury body wash contains Lime Blossom, a traditional sleep aid. Lime Blossom is the flora from the Linden tree and has historically been used as a natural sedative and anti-anxiety agent for hundreds of years throughout Europe. Enjoy a Lime Blossom scented bath before bedtime and follow up with the Benbow & Blake Body Lotion (£12.50) for longer lasting benefits.

Nature’s  Plus Dreamquest Adult’s Warm Milk Chewables (Price £19.50 for 30  tabs, www.nutricentre.com) are a great natural way to de-stress and ease tensions at the end of a hard  day.  The secret is 200 mg of  Lactium®, the soothing milk peptides (small proteins)  responsible for  the calming properties of warm milk.  This soothing formula also  contains the world’s most  effective sleep-supporting herbs, including chamomile, hops and  cinnamon.