The bond between mother and child is a precious gift. From the moment a child is born, their mother becomes a guide through life’s trials and tribulations. And beauty is no exception. The tips and tricks that mothers teach their daughters often become the cornerstone of their beauty regime for years to come. Beauty gurus Jemma Kidd, Liz Earle and Aliza Jabès,  founder of Nuxe, reveal the pearls of wisdom given to them by their mums.


Jemma Kidd, former founder of Jemma Kidd Make Up School

“The best beauty lesson I learned from my mother was less is more. My mum has a natural innocence which is reflected in her approach to beauty.

“She always looks effortless but immaculate and I find that simplicity inspiring. My earliest beauty memory was sitting at the dressing table watching my mother applying her make-up.

“I hope I captured some of that approach in my make-up.”



Liz Earle

“Something that really works and has survived the test of time is the humble muslin cloth.

“My mother first introduced me to this amazing skincare tool in the form of a face flannel and facial cloths have long been used by the ornately decorated Geisha girls in Japan to keep their chalk-white skin soft and smooth.

“I chose a pure cotton muslin cloth for our Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser because it has the perfect texture to make it a great, deep-cleansing yet gentle, skincare tool.

“Used with circular massage movements the fine texture of the muslin cloth helps dislodge dead, grey skin cells that make skin look drab and helps keep skin clear of blemishes and excess oil. Instantly lifting away impurities and make-up, your skin is left visibly radiant. ” Liz

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Aliza Jabès, founder of Nuxe

“French women are taught the beauty rituals of their grandmothers and pass these down to their daughters.

“I am the happy mother of two teenage boys, but if I had a daughter my mantra would definitely be ‘moisturise, moisturise, moisturise’.

“When you are a teenager keeping skin hydrated is the first beauty rule to learn. A skin fully hydrated is a skin protected that will be better able to resist external factors and ageing.”


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