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Hairdresser to the stars Mark Hill is still the only hairdresser outside London to have won the title of ‘British Hairdresser of the Year’ twice and the only UK hairdresser to have ever won the prestigious ‘International Hairdresser of the Year’ accolade twice in succession.

He creates beautiful and wearable styles that women across the world want to emulate and is applauded by the industry for his re-invention of glamour.

“Mark is a fantastically creative and innovative hairdresser. I’ve had the chance to work with him man times and his knowledge and skills guarantee a winning hairstyle every time.”   Myleene Klass


What are your tips for keeping hair in good condition?

Always use a conditioner after you have shampooed. A conditioner will help put back lost moisture into your hair but more importantly will close down the hairs cuticles. Think of the cuticles like roof tiles – if they are broken they will let moisture in or out, if they are in good condition they will lay flat. Cuticles in good condition will make your hair shine and prevent damaging your hair once dry.

What can you do if you have a bad hair day – an expert quick fix?

Angle 1dUse rollers. Rollers are fantastic for revamping your style. I love my Rock Rollers – Jumbo Heated Velcro Rollers. Just heat them up, pop them in, spray with hairspray and leave to cool for a few mins. When you take the rollers out, you will be amazed at just how much volume you have!

What is the best hair mask out there?

Try to find a product with great ingredients. I personally oversee the development of all of my products and use them day after day in the salon, on photoshoots and when styling my celeb clients. Everyone I use my Colour Blast Intensive Treatment on raves about it – it leaves the hair feeling thicker, stronger, smoother and beautifully shiny. One of my celeb clients actually sleeps in the treatment every now and again for maximum conditioning power.

What is your hero product?

Rosie Short Hair Black TopWork it Girl Shine Protect and Control Spray. It is a multi-use spray which can be used on wet, damp or dry hair. It protects from heated appliances up to 235°C, has a natural hold and gives your hair a great shine. I wouldn’t be without it!

Why do you like working with hair?

I love being able to style someone’s hair and make a difference in how they feel. We all know how a good hair day makes us feel – being able to give someone that feeling is fantastic.

Long or short – what do you prefer?

It doesn’t matter if hair is long or short, as long as it suits the wearer. Hale Berry looks amazing with cropped hair, Kate Beckinsale looks better longer. It really depends on face shape and hair texture.

How long can an older woman wear long hair?

Rosie Blonde Waves&Curls Brown EyesAgain, it goes back to as long as the hairstyle suits the wearers face shape and hair texture, it really doesn’t matter how long the hair is.

Should women who dye their hair give it a break once in a while?

When used properly, colours and colouring procedures should not damage the hair. I would always recommend you visit a salon for a colour as they will be able to change the colouring mixture slightly to suit you and to avoid any colour build ups, and your stylists will also be able to recommend new colours. In between visits, make sure you look after your hair at home with regular treatments and dedicated colour care products to keep it rich and vibrant.

Is blonde the most preferred hair colour?

No, there is a real mix of colour in trend at the moment. Richer tones seem more popular in a winter, and lighter shades in the summer. Your stylist will recommend tones to suit your hair and colouring.

How often should we wash our hair

Colour Blast ConditionerAs long as you use the right products for your hair, it really won’t matter if you have to shampoo every day or once a week. Some people with finer hair, or those with oily hair, may have to shampoo more frequently to keep their hair looking and feeling great. Just remember to always use a conditioner (on the ends only if you have oily hair) and protect your hair from heat damage if you use heated appliances.

Favourite up style?

A Chignon is a classically beautiful style and one of the most versatile up-do’s. For work, in the gym, or for a party, you can wear them on a side, pulled tight like a bun, twisted and loose or weaved and plaited. They are also really easy to accessorise with the use of decorated clips, grips, bands or slides.