IMG_0854By Tara Adamson

There are not a lot of beauty products she hasn’t tried over the last 20 years. Tara Adamson is a self-confessed beauty addict and has spent two decades on a beauty quest – to find the best the industry giants have to offer. She is fast becoming our beauty boffin as she seeks out the latest and greatest products out there.


Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser – Dark Circle Concealer, £27.50, for 15ml

yummymummybeautybeauty rating; 4.5

armaniWhat they say; “Our first hybrid concealer combining the best of skincare and make-up technology, with an ultra-fine texture. The dual-action formula not only brightens the eye area, but also corrects the appearance of dark circles and moisturises eyelids. The incredibly fine texture blends seamlessly into skin, leaving the eye area instantly illuminated, and the complexion’s natural radiance restored.”

What we think; I honestly didn’t think this concealer would give such good results considering it has such a thin consistency; but I’m pleased to say, I was proved wrong. Maestro Eraser comes in a squeezy plastic tube with screw top lid containing a generous 15ml of product; it’s available in six shades (the numbering system of which I found a little confusing.)

Because it’s a loose, liquid formula, the nozzle can get really mucky; the product has a tendency to ooze out creating quite a bit of wastage. The concealer itself is oh so silky smooth and feels like it melts into the skin, blending out effortlessly; it has a hint of shimmer which totally disappears on application.

Apply using fingertips or a concealer brush, then pat or smooth in to give light to medium coverage with a slightly illuminated sheen; it is buildable if you feel you need a greater depth of coverage. I found it didn’t completely disguise dark circles, but it blurs them making them look softer and not quite so obvious. Maestro Eraser left my skin looking smooth and lightly moisturised; it felt lightweight and didn’t feel as if it dragged my eyes down. I’m assured it gradually fades away the blue tones of dark undereye circles over time; I’ll let you know how I get on in a few weeks! From

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit – £24 for 3.1g

yummymummybeautybeauty rating; 4.5

What they say; “Conceal and set in one portable kit. Bobbi’s Creamy Concealer blends easily to instantly cover, lift and brighten dark circles. It New_ConcealerKitalso helps maintain skin’s moisture levels for a smooth, virtually line-less look. Fuss-free pressed powder sets concealer for long-lasting wear.”

What we think; This is an award-winning concealer; available in 14 shades from Porcelain to Chestnut, so there should be one to suit most skin tones. Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit is a portable, neat little compact containing the concealer, setting powder and a good-sized mirror; this was my favourite packaging out of the four I tested.

It’s a very thick, gummy concealer; don’t even think about applying it with your fingertips, it won’t glide on and will only drag your skin. When applied with a concealer brush however, the texture totally changes and it literally melts onto your skin, making it easily blendable.

I did find I needed to double check application of the concealer and smooth it out before applying the setting powder as it did have a tendency to sit in fine lines. When applying the setting powder, use a small, clean eyeshadow brush and dust over lightly; too much and it tends to look a bit chalky. This concealer gives buildable light to medium coverage – if you want greater depth of coverage, it may be worth trying a ‘Corrector’ first. It is beautifully moisturising, so would be great for dry skin; even so, it lasted all day without creasing or the need to touch up. From

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer –  £18.50 for 2.2g

yummymummybeautybeauty rating; 4.8

Laura MercierWhat they say; “A moisture-rich concealer designed specifically for under and around the eye area to conceal discolorations and dark circles without settling into fine lines and wrinkles.”

What we think; Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer comes in a cute little sparkly, chocolate-coloured pot with a screw top lid. The product inside is a thick, silky soft, slightly sticky formula; almost like a creamy balm. Again, use a concealer brush to apply and then tap out to blend using your fingertips.

This product is designed to be ‘set’ with powder, however, I got great results when a little illuminating powder was dusted over the top. This is a super-soft, medium coverage concealer which layers well if you want more coverage. It glides on, blends well and was probably the most moisturising concealer I tried. It leaves a flawless, semi-matte finish, with very natural looking, long-lasting results; great for disguising those tell tale dark circles.

This concealer would have been easier to use with a flip top lid enclosing a little mirror; I found the screw top lid (which I kept putting down and losing) a bit of a nuisance. Secret Concealer is available in six shades from light with pink tones to deep with rich, warm undertones, so there should be a good colour match for most skins. From

Stila Perfecting Concealer – £15 for 8ml

yummymummybeautybeauty rating; 4.0

Stila Perfecting ConcealerWhat they say; “This fuller-coverage concealer produces a delicate, semi-matte finish that’s ideal for hiding under eye circles, scars, redness, and other imperfections. Select a shade that blends with and complements your skin tone.”

What we think; Stila’s Perfecting Concealer comes in a neat little easy to control squeezy tube containing only 8ml of product; however, only a tiny drop is needed, so the tube would last a good long time. The product itself is a thick, non oily liquid formula with a creamy soft consistency. Perfecting Concealer is beautifully moisturising and gives you medium coverage with Stila shade d swatcha natural looking, ever so slightly dewey finish. It is easily blendable, and has a good depth of pigmentation to diffuse dark circles round the eyes and disguise the look of blemishes and flaws; particularly those little broken capillaries on cheeks and either side of your nose.

There is a choice of 12 shades – its best to choose one which complements your skin tone; “If it looks yellow it’s too dark, if it looks grey it’s too light.” Use a brush to apply, then gently pat in to blend using the tip of your ring finger. This is a great concealer; it’s not cakey or chalky and is easily buildable if you’re after even more coverage. It still feels lightweight when layered and is not drying, especially when covering spots and dark under eye circles. From