IMG_0854By Tara Adamson

There are not a lot of beauty products she hasn’t tried over the last 20 years. Tara Adamson is a self-confessed beauty addict and has spent two decades on a beauty quest – to find the best the industry giants have to offer. She is fast becoming our beauty boffin as she seeks out the latest and greatest products out there.


Chanel Beauté des Cils – Nourishing Mascara Base, £24

yummymummybeauty rating: 4.5

ChanelWhat they say; “The Beauté des Cils formula cares for your lashes and optimizes the make-up result of your mascara. White on application and then transparent, this formula contains a Meadowfoam oil derivative, an active ingredient with repairing and strengthening properties. The silicones combined with this active ingredient protect and smooth the lashes. Day after day, lashes are strengthened and fortified. Your mascara brush glides smoothly over each lash to reveal sublime shine. The colour of your mascara is intensified and its make-up result is visibly improved.”

What we think; Beauté des Cils is presented in chic, trademark Chanel, glossy black packaging. Enclosed within is a good-sized tapered plastic wand; when applied, it coats every single lash from root to tip separating lashes well, rather than sticking them together. It also helped to locate my sparse, very fine and virtually non existent bottom lashes. This product applies white, but dries clear; it’s quite a thin, wet formula which glides on easily.

It can be used on nude lashes or after using an eyelash curler where it holds the curl well. Mascara goes on incredibly smoothly; there is no clumping whatsoever. Beaute dés Cils gave me drop dead gorgeous lashes and kept mascara in place all day with no flaking, drifting or smudging. It intensified the colour of my mascara rather than greying it out; especially if you leave the product to dry for a few minutes before applying your chosen mascara. It has been designed to be used before mascara to provide condition, volume and length, and to strengthen, hydrate and protect lashes. It can also be used as an intensive repair treatment when applied onto cleansed lashes and left on all night. From 020 7493 3836


Lancôme Cils Booster XL – Super-Enhancing Mascara Base,  £20

yummymummybeauty rating; 5

What they say; “An innovative mascara base with Micro-Fibres XL to visibly lengthen and sculpt your lashes. It enhances the makeup result andLancome colour of your usual mascara, whilst making it even easier to apply. Enriched with D-Panthenol and Pure Vitamin E, it helps protect your lashes.”

What we think; This cult Mascara Base comes in stylish white and gold packaging. It has a sturdy wand with a neat spiral brush which makes application easy. This is also quite a wet, white primer which dries quickly and stays white. I found it worked brilliantly if I did one eye at a time; primer first, then mascara immediately afterwards while the base was still slightly damp. If you leave the primer to dry first, it seems to go a bit solid, making it tricky to apply the mascara; lashes end up looking spidery and if you’re not careful, you can leave some lashes looking white with no mascara. This is an excellent mascara primer; mascara went on smoothly with no clumping and it added a good amount of length and separation while holding curl really well; it lasted well with no flaking or transfer of mascara onto my cheeks. My lashes felt and looked very dramatic and fluttery with a great va-va-voom. From


Shu Uemura Lash Builder – Eyelash Nourishing Serum, £26 

yummymummybeautybeauty rating; 2

ShuWhat they say; “The ultimate lash appearance boosting serum for visibly longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. The first step for perfect lash make-up finish. Enables you to attain beautifully rebuilt lashes through triple beneficial actions that will:

1. support natural lash growth and prevent lash loss during make-up removal by revolutionary culticilia complex

2. visibly repair, fortify and protect your lashes for a healthy strong look

3. smooth lash surface to maximize mascara finish.”

What we think; I’ve not used any of Shu Uemura’s lash products before, so I was super excited to try this primer out. Lash Builder has a tiny tapered nylon brush with short bristles coated with a clear Nourishing Serum. I found you needed to work at your lashes section by section, otherwise you have no idea if you’ve coated particular lashes or not; it reached all those tiny corner lashes beautifully though. It was designed to be used under mascara, to prep lashes for clump free mascara application and to be stroked onto cleansed lashes before bed to assist growth, and to help condition and nourish lashes.

Hmmm – I’m not yet convinced on this one. It worked well as a nourishing eyelash conditioner, but unfortunately not as a traditional ‘lash builder’ or ‘mascara base’ as I don’t think it enhanced my eyelashes or mascara application at all. I found it tricky working with clear eyelash products as it was difficult to tell exactly where you’ve applied it and where you haven’t. My mascara only lasted for a few hours before it started sliding down my cheeks, leaving me with interesting looking panda eyes! I’m still using it as a night treatment, but I don’t think I’ll be using it as mascara base in the future.  From


Urban Decay Lash Primer Potion, £13

yummymummybeauty rating; 4.6

What they say; “Wave this magic wand before your favorite mascara for lashes that appear thicker, longer and stronger… right before your very Urban Decayeyes. Tiny fibers band together, cling to every lash, and construct towers of Babel…reaching for heavenly lashes. The protein-rich formula conditions, fortifies, and thickens. Your lashes will look fake, but the magic is real.”

What we think; I love the packaging of Urban Decay’s Lash Primer Potion; a lovely lavender coloured tube with pretty silver patterns round the outside. Inside is a good sized traditional spiral brush which makes it easy to coat every single lash. The Primer itself is paraben free and contains protein to condition lashes and make them less prone to breaking.

It’s quite a ‘wet’ product when initially applied, but dries quickly; the white coloration disappears when mascara is applied over the top. Teensy little fibres in the primer grasp your lashes to lengthen and thicken them, but don’t worry; they won’t flake off or irritate the eyes. Mascara glides on smoothly over the top with zero clumping and lasted perfectly all day until I cleansed my face in the evening. This is a great value primer which definitely increased the length of my lashes quite dramatically and gave the illusion that I have zillions of lashes – lovely! I tried this Potion with Urban Decay’s Lush Lash Mascara which seemed to ‘comb’ out my lashes and make them even more luscious.  From