Beauty app turns smartphone into live make-up cam

YMK_Makeup_Cam_01A beauty app is turning smartphone cameras into a live make-up cam as it uses cutting-edge facial mapping technology to enable real time makeup transformations.

Makeup Cam, a new feature of the popular beauty app YouCam Makeup, uses Hollywood-style special effects to let users apply countless makeup styles in real time just by looking at the smartphone’s camera.

The app detects dozens of facial feature points in a live stream effect to generate a mirror like reflection with true-to-life makeup styles applied on the user’s face. The app discerns even the most extreme facial expressions and angles to ensure that makeup stays in place despite the user’s movement.

Makeup enthusiasts can virtually experiment with makeup features and adjust their look in seconds to suit anything from their daily outfit or getting ready for a special occasion, or to simply check out if their makeup goes with overcast weather.

Makeup Cam also uses facial detection data to apply skin smoothing techniques to create the effect of flawless foundation. The app’s users can apply a range of eye shadow palettes, lengthening and volumising mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and blushers.

“With the ground-breaking new Makeup Cam in YouCam Makeup, we are creating a highly dynamic experience that will change the way people are inspired by and interact with makeup,” said Alice Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp. “Users will be delighted as they experience the finest virtual makeup application, and we hope to empower them to become their own makeup artist with expert tools right at their fingertips.”

App Availability

YouCam Makeup is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.