imgresWhat the ed says…

I am extremely fussy when it comes to moisturisers. Havingmee150 tested them for years, I know very quickly which ones are all hype and packaging and which ones are the real deal. And remember you don’t have to spend a fortune either. It really annoys me when i see some of the price tags on creams – and all you are paying for is the expensive-looking tub and box it comes in. The one I’m loving right now is Arran Aromatics Citrus Shores shea butter cream, £14.95. It’s gorgeous and fluffy and melts into your skin, leaving it soft and supple. I am using this on my face… yes, really and I absolutely love it. Get it while it’s hot – as they say.

image001Still up there for November is bio-Oil. Now this is a very under-rated oil. Don’t just think it’s for stretch marks and scars. It’s not. We love it here. I would say that if you have forty or fifty something skin, you should be using this at least three times a week – as well as your usual moisturiser. Use it at night and after a week, you will notice the difference in the suppleness of your skin. And it’s under £10… From Boots

CocoaBrownSydneyHarbourDid you know that Primark are selling Cocoa Brown?

I love this little tube of sunshine – it’s very easy to use because it goes on a brown colour, so you can see if you miss a bit.

And it lasts and gives you a lovely natural colour. This is really one of the best out there right now.

The other fake tan that’s great is the one from Dove. I noticed my neighbour had a nice little golden glow and asked her what she was using. It turns out it’s the daily Dove’s fake tan – just £4 and I love it too. Just remember to wash it off your hands though.

I made the mistake, as it goes on like a moisturiser, one night by applying and then settling down to watch the TV. The palm of my hands were that tell-tale tan colour!

Even us experts get it wrong sometime!