9025 V2Most of us will experience sensitive skin at some point in our lives. Skin irritation is often brought on by stress, changes in hormones levels, fragrance and allergies, which can leave skin feeling parched, patchy and often a bit red. Those of us with 24/7 sensitive skin, who are also prone to rosacea, can often find it an uphill struggle to find skincare products which don’t irritate the very life out of us!

But sensitive – schmensitive – we say! Take control of irritating skin conditions by giving these foaming cleansers and soothing lotions a whirl – your skin will love you for it!

Inge x

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins, Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief, 150ml, £25

yummymummybeauty rating 4.5

Writer and Holistic Health expert Dr Andrew Weil has created a range of skin solutions for Origins especially to soothe and comfort sensitive skin. This light, softening anti-ageing cleanser is a simply brilliant lotion for skin, which is prone to redness.

Containing Dr Weil’s signature blend of unusual ingredients – Hypsizygus Ulmarius, Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms, which are designed to calm what he rather descriptively calls, “the fire within”, (this is clearly a man who has experienced how annoying sensitive skin can be!).

So what if the packaging is perhaps a little bit ‘boyish’ – I loved this soothing gem of a cleanser and used it night and morning, you can quite forget sensitive skin has ever been an issue! I know it’s on the expensive side, but skin comfort like this doesn’t come along too often. Snap up a ‘Skin Relief’ and take advantage of the ‘spend over £30 and get a £22 free moisturiser’ on the Origins site. www.origins.co.uk


Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 100ml, £14.75

yummymummybeauty rating 4.2

Liz Earle’s much loved (especially by Yummy Mothership writers!) hero product has just scooped this year’s award for Best Beauty Product – Prestige, at the CEW Beauty Awards, and rightly so, as there is just so much to love about this starter set.

The Cleanse & Polish kit comes in its own zipper travel bag, which includes a cleanser pump and 2 pure muslin cloths. Stage One is to massage the rich and moisturizing cocoa butter cream into the skin to cleanse. Stage Two is to use a hand-hot muslin cloth to polish off the creamy lather thus removing dulling dead skin cells and, ‘hey presto’, reveal clearer skin!

Skin feels really clean without having that stripped, tight feeling and essential oils of rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus tone and soothe, giving the cleanser a fresh, clean, herbal scent. No worries here about getting rid of daily grime and make-up, even particularly stubborn mascara residue is cleaned away with no annoying smarting.

This product is great for sensitive gals too, use cool water and a soft sponge or tissue off instead of using the cloth, or use the muslin on days when skin feels more resilient. A truly fabulous cleanser for all skin types and ages. www.lizearle.co.uk


NUXE, Micellar Foam Cleanser with Rose Petals, 150ml, £14.50

yummymummybeauty rating 4.2

Who says that sensitive skin types can’t do scented products? This gorgeously smooth and fragrant foam cleanser for normal to combination sensitive skin certainly blows that particular myth right out the bathroom!

NUXE have designed a whole range of products for sensitive skin based on the soothing and softening properties of rose petals. Winner of Best New Skincare range at the RED Beauty awards, this soap-free formulation applied to slightly moistened skin gently cleanses to leave the complexion clear, fresh and purified.

Used morning and evening, I found this cleanser light and easy to use; it left my skin soft and calm with no tightness or irritation. The foam coped well with my make-up but left some mascara behind, so a quick whisk over with an eye make-up cleanser pad finished the job. Some may find the added effort mildly bothersome, but this lovely foaming cleanser is so rosy and fresh, I am quite prepared to forgive it this one tiny flaw. Why not try other products from this rosy range such as the Clarifying Cream-Mask – £18.50 and the Micellar Cleansing water – £14.50. www.marksandspenser.com or www.nuxe.com


Kanebo, Sensai Silky Purifying, Foaming Facial wash, 150ml, £40

yummymummybeauty rating 3.5

Japanese beauty giant Kanebo’s extra mild formulation gently foams and cleanses without the need for scrubbing sensitive area of the face. Designed for normal to oily and combination skin, the aerosol contains a fragrantly rich moisturizing lather which leaves skin bright and radiant. Rinse off using cool water to feel the refreshing effect of this purifying wash.

I have to be honest, this is not one of my favourites so far. It does the job, but I was hoping for more from this luxury product. The foam is almost too thick and, when applied to my face as recommended, seemed to sit on it without doing a great deal. Lovely scent but didn’t hit the high notes for me, I’m afraid.

Remember to keep this one out of the reach of small hands as the pump container produces a foam so luxuriously thick, the temptation to create a full range of comedy beards could be almost too overwhelming! www.selfridges.com