9025 V2By Inge Morrill

Ever had times when your wild and wayward barnet seems to have a mind of its own, however much you tease up, flatten down or blast it into submission? If that’s a big ‘yes’ then check out these tried and tested hair beauty heroes to help save a bad hair day before it happens! Inge x


For: Boofy, dry and ‘way out there’ hair

Ojon, Rare Blend Oil, Total Hair Therapy, 45ml, £30

  yummymummybeauty rating 4.5

By far the prettiest hair therapy oil on the market, this multi-functional light-weight blend is marvellicious on dehydrated, chemically treated or heat damaged hair.

This little bottle of magic contains seven exotic oils from such far flung places as Tahiti and the Kalahari Desert, and include Ojon’s restorative signature elixir from the nut of the Ojon tree found deep within the rainforest, which mimics the lipids found in healthy virgin hair.

Activate by shaking to emulsify the oils together. Less is definitely more with this very rich product, so start small and build up gradually by tipping the bottle to apply a very tiny amount to fingertips, warm between the hands, then apply to the hair – a couple of drops should really be more than enough, making this a great value for money option as just a teeny amount is needed to give brilliant results.

Try this versatile treatment in a number of different ways: use as a pre-styling heat protector, apply after drying to tame frizz and give a sleek luxurious sheen or simply smooth on as an intensive penetrating overnight treat for the hair before washing to give bounce and radiant shine. This really does work on thick unruly locks, rehydrating and bringing shine back to dull and lack-lustre hair.

Although not perhaps ideal for Yummies with finer follicles or oily scalps; as it can leave hair a little lank, an alternative product to try is Ojon’s Animated Volumising Cream, 125ml for £20, which increases hair diameter by a whopping 70%. Blimey! www.ojon.co.uk  or www.boots.co.uk


For: Flat, fine hair in need of some OOMPH!

Trevor Sorbie, Volume Leave-In Conditioner £5.29 and Thickening Spray, 300ml, £5.59

yummymummybeauty rating 4.7

One of the hair industry’s most influential elder statesmen Trevor Sorbie has brought problem-solving products to a new level with his Salon Approved range. Ideal for mums who don’t have time for pfaffing about in the mornings. Get those fine fly-away follicles under control with Trev’s Leave-In conditioner’s super-light formula, which gives volume and lustre and won’t weigh your hair down. Then ramp up the volume by letting the Thickening Spray’s polymers provide excellent hold.

I’ve tried to thicken my very fine hair with sprays before and they’ve always given me volume but have left my hair a bit ‘crispy’, which wasn’t exactly the look I had been aiming for! Trev’s thickening spray gave me big volume after blow drying, and, as he recommends layering his products to get the look you want – a combination of four squirts of both product gave me bigger hair with natural bounce and shine.

Simple, quick and impressive results. Will be giving my volumising mousse a wide berth from now on. Go Trevor! www.boots.co.uk



For: Frizzy, ‘Wild Woman of Wongo’ hair!

Trevor Sorbie, Frizz Free Shampoo, 250ml, £5.29 & Frizz Free Smoothing Spray, 200ml, £5.59

yummymummybeauty rating 4.7

Tame that lion’s mane and make annoying frizz a thing of the past with Trevor’s Salon Approved range for Frizz Free hair. This moisture boosting range is the ultimate antidote to dry, unmanageable locks to leave hair shiny smooth and easier to control.

The deeply conditioning shampoo includes natural wheat proteins to protect against heat damage and the Smoothing Spray preps hair before styling, helping retain that all important moisture. We tested on my daughter Amy’s thick and naturally curly hair, which is prone to everyday frizz and tangles. The shampoo left her hair really shiny and the Smoothing Spray worked just as well on air dried hair as it did with heat styling. Amy reported a great hair day and she would recommend this to avoid hairday disasters. www.boots.com


For: ‘I haven’t got time to get to the salon’ hair!

Colour Restore, Chocolate – Brunette Pigment , 100ml, £11.99

yummymummybeautyrating as tested for Chocolate 4.4

When your hair colour has lost its vibrant, vavavoomy, just coloured look and you can’t get a salon appointment for love nor money, let Colour Restore be the solution to faded elegance. Created by ‘Ten Years Younger’ stylist Scott Cornwall, this restorative semi-permanent colour treatment is a brand new concept and has produced astounding results by bringing back warm chocolate lights to tired dark blonde and brunette shades.

Containing no ammonia or peroxide, it can be used straight after bleaching, perming or straightening. Colour Restore has a nourishing formula, which gently infuses colour pigments into the hair. Apply using 3 different methods depending on the look you are after. The ‘Rinse through’ method can be used as often as required – use as you would a normal conditioner to maintain warmer shades.

The ‘Comb Through’ left for 5 minutes will give a more vibrant result, which can be used weekly to maintain colour. The ‘Intense Development’ will create an even deeper shade after leaving for 20 minutes. My tester was thrilled with the results, leaving the product on for 10 minutes, and then maintaining it by using as a mask with conditioner, which is ideal for highlighted or lightened hair. She felt it was great value for money as only a small amount is needed each time, she liked the smell and loved the depth of warm chocolate colour and glossy shine.

She also felt that it improved the overall colour of her hair as it had become rather patchy. She would recommend this home treatment without hesitation as a great money saver when salon prices seem just a bit too steep. NB: As with all hair colour products, remember to do a patch test behind your ear 48 hours before trying this out and cover clothes and upholstery. www.ColourRestore.co.uk  or www.boots.co.uk