9025 V2Don’t know how you feel, but traveling light is a bit of a challenge for me. With our family holiday fast approaching, the inevitable comments about hooking up a trailer to transport my extensive collection of beauty products are just about to start.

OK, so I do have ‘quite’ a few skincare essentials, from which I really cannot be parted because, if I didn’t use them, I might turn into a very gnarled old lady overnight (think Rapunzel’s ‘Mother’ in Tangled or Snow White’s wicked stepmum). I know, perhaps a tiny bit irrational but, frankly, I’m not going to risk it!

So with downsizing in mind, this month Beauty Box has road-tested some tremendous time-saving travel solutions we hope you and your family will love. Have fun!

Inge x

Clarins, Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for the face UVA 50+, 75ml, £18

yummymummybeaauty rating 4.7

Clarins have captured the sweet scent of a summer’s day for their exclusive sun care range. As we know, sun damage is one of the main causes of skin ageing, so protecting our skin even on cloudy summer days is super important.

I’ve always been a bit wary about giving up my normal serum and day cream routine to slap a layer of goodness knows what sort of sun protection on my fizzog!

But with Clarins, there’s no compromise to be made. Applying a layer of this little beauty will effectively take the place of your usual day cream, giving your skin that all important protection and moisturisation, discouraging wrinkles and dark spots and giving you an instantly healthy-looking glow. This cream felt amazing on my skin and gave me the confidence to go without a foundation base all day. Great for sensitive skin and for those exposed to intense sunlight.


… and for body and hair – Sun Care Radiant Oil Spray, UVA 6, £18

yummymummybeaauty rating 4.3

Same delectable sun-kissed scent – this time in a dry oil spray with Tahitian Vanilla oil. This space saving multi-tasker is perfect for protecting your precious locks from salt and the drying rays of the sun. Spray on and slick back, keep this handy spray in your bag for instantly sexy beach hair.

And for those of us with already tanned or darker skin tones, glide on a layer of Radiant Spray to enhance and bring a sumptuous sheen to golden limbs. Gorgeousness will be yours! www.debenhams.com


H2O PLUS, Sea Salt Must-Haves Collection, 5 Pieces, £20

yummymummybeaauty rating 4.7

Travel mini perfection is here in the shape of this magical set of Spa Sea Salt Must-Haves from marine skincare experts, H2O+. Economically priced, this travel ziplock contains five 60ml Body essentials fragranced with a fresh oceanside blend of green tea and zingy mint.

The collection includes the luxuriously hydrating Body Wash to gently cleanse, invigorate and purify with Red Marine Algae and Green Tea extract; Hydrating Body Butter, a rich blend of Shea Butter and Coconut oil; Hydrating Body Lotion, a light and silky lotion with Sea Lettuce and Sea Fennel; Beauty editor’s fave Hand and Nail cream and my must-have, Hydrating Body Gloss, which gives skin a radiant sheen after bathing or sun-worshipping to help us make the most of our tans.

I’ve been using this set all month and love it to bits, plus there’s still plenty left to pack into a very small space in my holiday bag. A true must-have at a great price. www.marksandspenser.com


Naked For Kids, 2 in 1 Shampoo, Toffee Apple, 250ml, £2.99

yummymummybeaauty rating 4.1

Does haircare become a bit of issue during the holidays? Then stick the fun back into boring old hair washing with Naked For Kids deliciously scented 2 in 1 Toffee Apple fragranced shampoo with built in conditioner. 97% natural and free from parabens, this ‘tear free’ formula also comes in scrumptious Bananas & Custard or tempting Jam Sandwiches fragrance. You’ll soon have them begging for bathtime!

Also try taming troublesome tresses with the Untangle Me spray in fruity Orange Lollies scent, £2.99.

I can almost hear the ice cream van now – make mine a 99! www.boots.com


Little Me, Shhh Sleepy Head Dill and Organic Lavender Bath Milk, 300ml, £4.15

yummymummybeaauty rating 4.2

The creative Mums from the Little Me brand know that travel and time away from home can put baby bedtime routines right out of the window, leading to trauma, tears and tantrums – and that’s just the parents!

Specially created using organic essential oils and gentle non-synthetic botanical formulations, this milky ‘no bubbles’ formula will float your little angel on a cloud of Dill and Lavender straight to the land of nod. What’s not to love here and it smells amazing too!

Check out Little Me’s Yipee Playtime, Mmm Moisture Babies and Mums to be ranges. Available in Boots, ASDA and Tesco stores