AdventureBelt-6A (1)A Scots mum has just won a national award for innovation.

More 2 Explore founder Lucy Bostock, who designed the Adventure Belt, scooped the Baby Product Association Innovation Award yesterday.

The mum of two invented the Belt-to-Belt system to keep children safe when families are out and about.

At the awards ceremony, Lucy said: “I’m delighted and honoured to be have won this amazing award. I just want mums to have peace of mind when they are out with their children. The Adventure Belt means you can stay physically connected to your kids in busy situations.”

The Adventure Belt is perfect for kids up to six years of age. Think fireworks’ displays. Airports. Festivals. And shopping.

lucyLucy, from Edinburgh, 43, said: “How many of us have lost sight of our little ones for just a second and have momentarily ‘lost’ them in a crowd?

“I did. I got separated from my youngest son Charlie when we were at Legoland – and I couldn’t find him for 10 minutes. Those minutes were the longest in my life. I found him playing but the point was, we were separated by the crowds.

“That’s why I have come up with the Belt-to-Belt system because it connects you to your child – when they are too big for reins or a pushchair.

“The belt is long enough to give your little one room to move around, but at the same time gives you piece of mind. It’s easy to connect and disconnect so it’s a win/win.”


·         Designed to be gender neutral, so you can easily pass from child to child, the Adventure Belt provides a revolutionary way to keep kids close and connected.

·         Physically linking parent and child belt to belt, the fun Adventure Belt is loved by kids and adults alike.

·         For kids’, it provides a fun place to store treasures while giving a sense of independence.  For adults, the system simply provides hands free piece of mind, whilst giving the assurance that the child’s dignity is not compromised

·         Child belt to fit children from aged two to age six (please note the Adventure Belt is designed to be used with children of a good walking ability).

Product details

Adult belt to fit from waist/hip of 75cm to 150cm

Elasticated bungee: adjustable from approx. 40cm to 80cm (+30%)

Pouch: approx. 10cm high x 10.5cm wide

Cost:  Price: £24.99

Available at